eSeal: Enabling you to Visualize your Supply Chain

Feb 05, 2020, 02 PM EST to 03 PM EST

Jan 03

eSeal: Enabling you to Visualize your Supply Chain

1. Do you get any of these and similar questions repeatedly from your customer?

– What is the order status?
– How much of the parts order completed?
– When can I expect the order delivered?
– Do you have this part in your inventory?

2. Do you have the need to get complete visibility to your Production Work-In-Progress, material movement, and operations across the Supply Chain and improve your internal operations and the customer experience?

3. Do you want to know how to easily add the WIP Tracking Dashboard to your current ERP/MRP?

Join our live webinar to hear from Zach Pratt, President of Beta Shim, a key manufacturer, and supplier to Sikorsky Helicopters in Connecticut, achieved this and much more with the eSeal cloud solution.

Key Takeaways:
  • Learn how Beta Shim achieved the Production Work-In-Progress Tracking Dashboard and the business benefits that they gained.
  • Learn how to easily add the Production WIP Tracking functionality to your existing ERP/MRP applications.
  • Learn how to extend this solution at a low cost to manage inventory, distribution, and logistics, etc., across the supply chain.
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Sreenivasa Setty

VP, Cloud Solutions

Zachariah Pratt

President, Beta Shim

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