• The Factory Team with Oracle CIO and Suneratech Team

    Oracle Excellence Award 2017

    The Factory team with Oracle CIO and Suneratech team
    receiving Excellence Award at OOW17

  • Better, Faster and Smarter

    Delivering Smarter IT Services
    with Automation

    Analysts predict significant shift in IT Services from
    People-based to Platforms-led

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  • Migration

    Suneratech Guarantees 25%+
    Savings Through Cloud Migration
    and Management

    Automation (ClouDesk) + Pre-Built
    Solutions + CloudFactory = Lowest TCO

    Compute Cloud TCO

  • Cloud Managed Services

    Building Next-gen applications
    using Oracle Cloud Platform

    Suneratech wins Oracle Innovation Award for
    Building Cloud Applications and Integrations
    using CloudFactory

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    Integrations and AppDev

Our Automated IT Services

Oracle Cloud Services

Oracle Cloud Services

We are your true partner as you navigate through your cloud journey.

Our experts can help you make the right investments in migrating workloads to cloud, modernize appdev and embracing SaaS and unlock the true potential of cloud for you.

Suneartech is a trusted Oracle’s Cloud Managed Service Provider Partner helping customers accelerate innovation in the Cloud.

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Testing as a Service

Testing as a Service

Most cost-effective provider of Test Automation. Save up to 80% of time
Business Analyst spends on functional testing.

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Oracle EBS Managed Services

Oracle EBS Managed Services

Simplify application maintenance, change management and functional testing with our proprietary automation platforms and save up to 40% when compared to a traditional IT service provider.

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Integration Managed Services

Integration Services

One-stop partner for your application integration with Oracle Fusion Middleware, MuleSoft, Mobile and IOT.

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Business Intelligence and Analytics

BI & Analytics

Turn Data into Insights using Qlik and explore our Visualization, Analytics, Unified Dashboarding and Data Mining services.

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Automation platforms that deliver smarter and cost-effective IT solutions

RingMaster Studio for EBS Lifecycle Automation

  • Automation of patching and code deployments
  • Automated Issue Identification and Self Correction
  • Test Automation
  • Automated Middleware Management

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Continuous Testing

Cloudtestr for Test

  • Testing Automation Platform
  • Reduce your release cycles and testing time by 70%
  • Save 40% on testing cost with test automation

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OGDEN Dashboard for Manufacturing Operations

OGDEN Dashboard for Manufacturing Operations

  • Typical operations teams and goals
  • Reality of “Digital” Operations
  • One actionable dashboard for roles by goals
  • Massive adoption, proven referenceable results



eSeal for Digitizing Supply Chain

  • Interconnect your supply network and go live with eSeal.
  • Save 2% off your working capital

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  • Activision decreases Testing
    spend by 50% with Cloudtestr


    Activision is an American video game publisher. It was founded on October 1, 1979,
    and was the world’s first independent developer and distributor of video games
    for gaming consoles.

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  • “Cloudtestr has drastically reduced the number of manual transactions we have had to complete before we could test our Oracle cloud HCM system during either minor patches or major upgrades!”


  • “Cloudtestr, powered by Suneratech has enabled us to focus on new business solutions and it has been very beneficial from a business perspective.

    I absolutely loved this product, which has automated our testing process and reduced time further. Looking forward to incorporating quality component called CLOQ to Cloudtestr.”


  • “Suneratech helped us in choosing the right cloud vendor (Oracle IaaS) by providing an assessment, comparative analysis and ROI details. Suneratech and Oracle helped us save 60% on infrastructure cost and brought in stability with improved performance by migrating into Oracle Cloud infrastructure. We leveraged Suneratech’s ClouDesk platform.”


  • “With APM, we reduced the time we spend to discover changes by over 80%. As a result, we noticed an increase in quality and reduction in the planned downtime.”


  • “We improved our testing cycle, the quality of it and turnaround time in our business processes using Cloudtestr. It is a brilliant platform and one-of-its kind because of its NO HARDWARE AND MINIMUM SOFTWARE STRATEGY.”


  • “We are impressed with the features and benefits delivered by Cloudtestr and CLOQ. Working with Suneratech is a true delight and their platforms are by far the best solutions for those who’d like to automate, streamline and grow their business.”

    Oracle Cloud

  • “When I was first introduced to Suneratech, I didn’t know much about technology, or about the cloud. Suneratech did a fabulous job of converting my vision statement into business requirements, business requirements into technical requirements, and building the app in as little as 90 days.”

    The Factory

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