Sunera Tech opens Centre for Digital Acceleration in Hyderabad


Feb 06

Sunera Tech opens Centre for Digital Acceleration in Hyderabad

Sunera Tech opens Centre for Digital Acceleration in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, Jan 25 (IANS) Sunera Technologies, a leading innovative technology solutions company, has opened the Centre for Digital Acceleration (CDA) for businesses across to set up their innovation centres and experience digital solutions.

Spread over 55,000 square feet and designed to accommodate 50 companies, CDA has come up with an investment of $500,000, Ravi Reddy, CEO and President, Sunera Technologies told IANS.

CDA is an extension of Bay Area Sunera Labs (BASL), the company”s innovation lab in Bay Area in California.

He said not just Sunera”s customers businesses across India can come to CDA and set up their innovation centre, they can bring their managers to learn different digital solutions and then implement those solutions.

“The purpose of the centre is to make global small and large businesses set up their innovation centres and understand not just the technology but also how to bring the startup culture,” he said.

Reddy said that innovations can only be appreciated through experience. “Every business going through AAdigital transformation but many companies don”t know the technology. Large businesses are under threat because of competition from new digital businesses. Businesses today have only two options -disrupt or get disrupted,” he said.

According to Ravi Reddy, CDA is the first facility of its kind. He said large companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft have their innovation centres but mid-size and small businesses can”t set up such centres.

“Enterprises do not have to spend millions in buying software and hardware and waste months together to set it up. Businesses can easily setup their innovation centres in CDA within 30-45 days and get started with innovation journey,” he said.

The centre, the company”s third in Hyderabad, will focus on expanding revenue for its customers in cloud transformation, data monetisation, application modernisation and digital innovation segments.

Sunera, which has 1,300 employees, plan to hire another 1000 in 12-18 months. Of this 500 from universities and out of this 500 new recruits, 200 will be from lower income families.

Ravi Reddy said that Sunera with 250 customers globally has the vision is to make Hyderabad global hub for digital technologies.

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