Millennium Support Associates Leverages Oracle IaaS, DBaaS and ICS to Better Serve Their Customers

Key Technologies: Oracle Integration Cloud Services

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About Millennium Support Associates

Millennium Support Associates offers website creation and e-commerce development as their principal services involving cutting edge expertise to help businesses transform their websites into interactive marketing and sales channels.

The Challenges

Millennium Support Associates has been using an application that connects Oracle E Business Suite Customers to General Ledgers (for sorting and storing their balances and income statement transactions). But to support this application, they want to use Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Database as a Service (DBaaS) and Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). The challenge was they were not clear on how to implement them.

The Solution

Suneratech was able to help Millennium Support Associates on the use Oracle IaaS, DBaaS and ICS to support their application.

The Result

  • Millennium Support Associates is able to use Oracle Cloud to develop new apps and integrate current ones.


  • “Ever since Suneratech helped Millennium Support Associates with the use of Oracle IaaS, DBaaS and ICS, we are better able to serve our customers.”

    Millennium Support Associates

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