Create experiential environments for customers and employees.

Key Benefits

  • Get real

    Paper or computer-based training and testing are not suited for highly active jobs such as adventure sports, security and coal mining. Test employees on aptitude by creating near-real environments.

  • Be cool

    Conceive share-worthy marketing campaigns that break barriers at a time when brands are fighting for share of mind. Innovative in-store experiences are now affordable with IotWorX.

Onboard and train employees like never before

Whether you recruit police to fight crime or license guides to assist in mountain climbing, you can now use our real-time data-driven simulator to provide a realistic environment to test and train them. Built on the Oracle Service Bus, IotWorX allows you to configure complex scenarios that are responsive to real-time data. Monitor performance in real-world scenarios and evaluate members on meaningful metrics.

See it in action

Bridge the physical and virtual worlds

Delight your customers by providing an in-store experience that they will never forget. Launch your next product with a marketing campaign designed to go viral. From brushing your teeth to running a marathon, IoTWorX can create an environment that amplifies your product while giving your customers a memorable time.

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With APM, we have reduced the time we spend identifying what is changing by over 80%.
We leverage APM to help us focus on high value add activities like targeted regression tests and documenting the patch process.
Our users have noticed the increase in quality and reduction in planned downtime. Best of all, we are no longer asking the business to test everything, we can give them guidance on what areas to validate, and as a result, reduced the time the business needs to test by over 90% for some patches. Thanks APM.

Doug Hahn - Enterprise Technology Officer, Invesco
Oracle Cloud

“We are impressed with the features and benefits delivered by Cloudtestr and CLOQ. Working with Suneratech is a true delight and their platforms are by far the best solutions for those who’d like to automate, streamline and grow their business.”

Paul Williams - Director, Oracle Cloud Alliance & Channels
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

“Cloudtestr has enabled us to focus on new business solutions and it has been very beneficial from a business perspective. It helped in automating our testing process and reduced time further. Looking forward to incorporating quality component called CLOQ to Cloudtestr.”

Sufel Barkat - HRIS Director, A J Gallagher


Case Study

BlackWolf Tactical

Police are trained in real-life simulations with IOTWorX so there are no surprises on day one.


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