Improved Customer Experience and Savings Maintenance Costs

Key Technologies: Oracle’s Apiary—Platform for API, Oracle API Platform Cloud Service – Universal Credits

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Wellopp believes that healthcare technology must bring patients and caregivers closer together, not disconnect them from one another. Wellopp eliminates data entry, provides deeper social health intelligence, and optimizes the patient experience to limit preventable readmissions to hospitals and increases patient satisfaction. Wellopp has received funding of $1.5M.

The Challenges

Under Apiary (not the Oracle version) — the platform used to build Wellopp, there were certain restrictions and challenges:

  • Only 10 users were able to access Wellopp.
  • Wellopp was facing prohibitive maintenance costs.
  • The incoherent development was impacting the overall customer experience.

The Solution

Suneratech consulted and guided Wellopp on using Oracle API Platform based API management and Oracle Apiary Cloud Services through Universal Credits to solve the restrictions presented under their former Apiary platform.

The Result

Wellopp’s switching to API Platform Cloud Service and Oracle API Platform Cloud Service Universal Credits resulted in:

  • More users are now able to access Wellopp.
  • Wellopp is no longer facing maintenance costs.
  • With Oracle’s Apiary—Platform for API Wellopp’s offers a better user experience.


  • “With Wellopp’s switch to API Platform Cloud Service and Oracle API Platform Cloud more users can now access the app. This has improved customer service saved us on maintenance costs.”


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