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Leveraging our recognized expertise in data sciences, we build digital dashboards enabled with real-time data, powered by artificial intelligence to make faster, smarter, informed decisions.

Suneratech – Data and Analytics Capabilities

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Data Monetization Services
An organization’s digital economy largely depends upon the data. Besides providing insights to guide business decisions, you can also generate significant data revenue from your datasets. Unfortunately, many enterprises fail to realize the true hidden value of this data that grows existing revenue streams and drives cost reduction.

Suneratech enables businesses to unlock more value with data monetization opportunities. Our data monetization services convert the data into valuable insights that can be used internally or externally to generate revenue. With the team of consultants and data scientists, we assist in defining deployable use cases to achieve better business performance. In addition, our DataNext Platform enables clients to discover, explore and generate insights from the data and leverage the power of data.

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Successful data monetization requires a robust, secure, and holistic data foundation. This encompasses cloud data lakes that contain all necessary internal and external data and powerful visualization platforms to help analyze the data specifically for monetization.
Data as a Service

Data as a Service

Transforming the businesses to be data-driven, improve efficiency, collaboration & access easily for better decision making.

Data Assessment

Data Assessment

Achieve full potential of Big Data through a winning data assessment strategy to maximize security and minimize database risk.

Operational Reporting

Operational Reporting

Improve business performance with real-time operational analytics and reporting

Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

Realize the full potential of underlying business through predictive and prescriptive models

Value Proposition
  • Visualized Insight to Improve Accessibility 
  • Platform-agnostic data analytics solutions 
  • Gain valuable insights and make smart choices with the most relevant data refresh at the fingertips 
  • Improve the maturity of your data by reducing the cost to innovate and increase your speed to business insights 
  • Identify the right use cases for big data & data lake and maximize data value through Enterprise Datawarehouse and Data Lake in your ecosystem. 
  • Turn data into money by using the data effectively to generate the maximum impact through Data Monetization. 

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