• Data Assurance

    Data Assurance

    Drive data-driven decisions
    through quality data

Build validated quality data through accuracy, security, reliability-based tests complemented with comprehensive set of processes and tools.


What We Do

Manage your data testing journey from strategy to road map, proof of concept to platform customization and implementation through Suneratech’s Big Data Testing Solutions.

DW-BI Testing

DW-BI Testing

Aggregate, integrate, and validate data to uncover relevant insights in real-time to build a future-proof digital business.

Big Data Testing

Harness the power of big data analytics and big data tools to drive insight-driven business decisions

DW-BI Testing

What We Deliver

Big Data Testing

How We Deliver

  • Data Acquisition

    • Validate the required data and availability of data sources
    • Data profiling to understand data and identify data problems early

  • Data Integration

    • Validate Data Model/ structure with business specifications
    • Review Data Dictionary and verifying metadata
    • Validate the Source-to-Target Mapping for consistency, accuracy and reliability

  • Data Storage

    • Validate data loads based on time intervals
    • Performance and Scalability
    • Parallel Execution and Precedence
    • Validate the Archival and Purge Policy
    • Verify error logging, exception handling and recovery from failure points

  • Data Presentation

    • Validate Report Model
    • Report layout validation as per mockups and data validation as per business requirements
    • End-to-End Validation run

Benefits Delivered

Comprehensive reports with actionable insights for better strategic business decisions

100% requirement and test data coverage

Up to 50%-time savings through automated regression testing

End-to-end traceability right through source extraction to reports

Improved testing cycle time through reusability

Process improvements with analytical reporting showcasing test data, test cases & defect trends

Big Data Testing

What We Deliver

  • Data Ingestion Tests
    Structured, unstructured and semi-structured data sources
  • Test Migration to Big Data Lakes
    Structured to NoSQL data sources
  • Analytics Tests
    Predictive models
  • Visualization Tests
    Data insights
  • Data Quality in Big Data
    Acquire, cleanse and integrate data

How We Deliver

  • Big Data Ecosystem

    • Pre-Hadoop validation
    • Meta Data Analysis and Validation
    • Impala & HDFS Data Storage Validation

  • Big Data Extraction

    • Validation on Data Extraction from Source
    • Referential Integrity & Constraints Validation
    • Heterogeneous Data Integration Validation
    • MDM Validation

  • Data Transformation

    • Data Quality Validation
    • Data Correctness/Completeness Validation
    • Business Rule Validation

  • Data Analytics & Visualization

    • HDFS to SAAS Validation
    • Dashboard Validation
    • Visualization Validation
    • Report Generation and Validation

  • Non-Functional

    • Performance Validation
    • Security Validation
    • Regulatory Compliance Validation

Benefits Delivered

Insight-driven business decisions

Ensure data quality with exhaustive tests covering Volume, Variety, Values and Velocity

Scalable infrastructure-supported big data implementation validations

Savings in efforts by 50% and improvement in testing productivity by 25%

Custom data acquisition, migration and integration testing strategies ensuring seamless integration

Reduced operational/sales costs

ActiVision increases testing ROI by 50% with Cloudtestr.

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Trusted Clients

We are pleased to have many trusted partners.

  • “Cloudtestr has drastically reduced the number of manual transactions we have had to complete before we could test our Oracle cloud HCM system during either minor patches or major upgrades!”

    Michelle Bencomo
    Manger, Global HRIS,
    Activision Blizzard

  • “Cloudtestr, powered by Suneratech has enabled us to focus on new business solutions and it has been very beneficial from a business perspective.”

    Sufel Barkat
    HRIS Director,
    AJ Gallagher

  • “We improved our testing cycle, the quality of it and turnaround time in our business processes using Cloudtestr. It is a brilliant platform and one-of-its kind because of its NO HARDWARE AND MINIMUM SOFTWARE STRATEGY.”

    Sanjay Gupta
    Deputy CIO,
    Neopost USA

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