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Cloudtestr Platform

Thursday, April 25, 2019 – 10 AM CST

Are you experiencing challenges in validating the Quarterly releases you receive for your cloud applications? Are you looking shift to continuous automated testing models from traditional testing processes?

Cloudtestr platform enables Oracle cloud application customers to seamlessly shift from traditional testing to continuous testing by delivering automated testing leveraging the customers business processes and data.


Lavanya Sallagundla

Lavanya Sallagundla
Head of Test Engineering

Floyd Teter

Floyd Teter
Senior Director
HCM Cloud Center of Excellence,
Oracle Corporation

Key Takeaways:
  • Cut testing and release validation time for Oracle Cloud Applications by over 50%
  • Predict business solution disruptions through continuous quality impact analysis & remediation
  • Reduce the cost of Release Validations by 60%
  • Accelerate test automation implementation by 4X compared to other solutions.
    Ex: Cloud Apps – onboard automated test cases in 4-6 weeks and execution of tests within 3-5 days of quarterly release update
  • Automate your inbound and outbound interfaces
  • Free up key personnel to focus on business critical tasks

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