Cloud Security

Today’s Advanced Threats Demand Intelligent and
Automated Security Solutions
We Outpace the Threats. You Outpace the Competition.
You are moving fast into the cloud. Ensure you have the right cloud security strategy, controls and operations. We partner with you to detect faster, respond smarter, and predict and prevent more threats altogether, helping you grow and innovate with confidence.
We adopt cybersecurity technologies that are continuous, adaptive, real-time, and intelligent. They rely on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to manage configurations, monitor who has access to what resources, and encrypt sensitive data to protect IT assets.

Cloud Security Consulting

Our cloud security experts help your organization adapt, mitigate risk and thrive in the evolving threat and regulatory compliance landscape
Strategic Advisory and Program Development

Strategic Advisory and Program Development

  • Engage Experts
  • Personalize Solutions
  • Invest Smarter






Risk and Compliance Assessment

Risk and Compliance Assessment

  • Fortify Your Environment
  • Broaden Security Focus
  • Update Best Practices

Adversarial Security Testing

Adversarial Security Testing

  • Gain Assurance
  • Prepare Better
  • Achieve Compliance

Cloud Security Engineering

Enable scalable and adaptable threat intelligence and predictive security intelligence.

Security Architecture and Design

  • Identity & Access Engineering
  • Risk & Compliance Engineering
  • Thread & Vulnerability Engineering



Security Implementation Services

  • Data Center Security
  • Network Security
  • Endpoint Detection & Response
  • Configuration Management Database
  • Privileged Access Management
  • Data Loss Protection
  • Cloud Access Security Broker
  • Web Application, File Integrity & Database Access Controls

Security Validation Services

  • Penetration Testing
  • Application Security Testing
  • Real-life Scenarios Testing

Managed Cloud Security

Our platform and experts monitor, correlate, and analyze your cloud data sources 24×7 to filter out false positives, identify true security events, and support remediation.

Security Management and Orchestration

  • Managed SOC & SIEM Monitoring of OCI, AWS, Azure, Office 365 & Hybrid IT
  • Managed Firewall, Log Retention, Compliance Reporting
  • Security Event Monitoring and Incident Response

Vulnerability Management

  • Network, Web Application, Data Integrity Scanning
  • Vulnerability Threat Prioritization
  • Endpoint Detection and Response

Advanced Threat Services

  • Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection & Prevention
  • Advanced Malware Protection & Detection
  • Advanced Remediation Management

Suneratech is the leading Managed Services Provider
Partner of Oracle

24×7 Expert Support

Our SOC experts from our global delivery centers are available 24×7 and ready to help you.

Flexible Options

Different service levels depending on your needs.

Hybrid Support

Support for on-premise and cloud environments depending on your environment.

Success Stories

We work with our customers to find innovative solutions to complex business challenges. Take a look at our featured stories to see how we’ve co-created solutions with our customers.

AWS Infra Provisioning – Optimized DevOps Implementation

Suneratech helped a leading American prepaid, no-contract mobile phone provider optimize DevOps implementation.View Case Study

Oracle EBS Upgrade to 12.2.9 & Migration to Oracle GOV Cloud

A Government organization based-out in America faced issues with Oracle EBS Upgrade to 12.2.9 View Case Study

What our clients say

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“With APM, we reduced the time we spend to discover changes by over 80%. As a result, we noticed an increase in quality and reduction in the planned downtime.”
Doug HahnEnterprise Technology Officer, Invesco

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