Adidas Enjoys Savings of 35% on Infrastructure With Oracle Cloud and Results in 3X Faster Purchase Cycles for Customers

    Adidas Enjoys Savings of 35% on Infrastructure With Oracle Cloud and Results in 3X Faster Purchase Cycles for Customers

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    About Adidas

    A global leader in sporting goods industry, Adidas is a multinational corporation, founded and headquartered in Germany that designs and manufactures shoes, clothing and accessories. The company employs more than 60,000 people across the globe and has generated sales of over € 15 billion and over USD 400 million revenues in India where the point of sale (POS) billing application is being used.​

    Key Technologies: Oracle Integration Cloud Services

    The Challenges

    • Adidas eBilling application was hosted on a non-Oracle Cloud. This made it unstable and resulted in low sales.
    • Their e-billing history would shut down periodically making the sales portal unavailable at times and impacted their business adversely.
    • No visibility to the SLA attainment for uptime and availability.
    • Their environment was not protected with reliable disaster recovery (DR).
    • Cases of IP blacklisting was causing substantial damage to their reputation and this was impacting their business.
    • There was an absence of proper backup and archival mechanism in place.

    The Solution

    • Discovery and assessment of their existing infrastructure, applications, integrations, performance data, operations process, backup policies.
    • Cloud suitability report with TCO analysis and ROI calculation.
    • TCO comparison with Azure and OCI to help Adidas take an informed decision.
    • A quick POC for ‘lift & shift’ to OCI cloud.
    • Selection of availability zone with the lowest latency.
    • Migration plan with reduced downtime for CUT OVER execution and no business disruption.

    The Result

    • Zero disruption during the migration process.
    • Zero data loss during migration.
    • Improved performance in Cloud platform.
    • Security compliances as per Adidas business needs.
    • 35% savings on TCO.
    • Helpdesk support 24/7/365 days.
    • ClouDesk based cloud infrastructure monitoring and management with built-in SLA management.
    “We had many challenges with our previous cloud provider—frequent outages, stability and performance issues on our franchise POS and other critical application environments. Oracle IaaS provided 3X the performance and savings in infrastructure costs. We migrated from our previous provider to Oracle, with the help of Oracle Partner, Suneratech, with zero downtime and no business disruptions.”
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