Production support for an Educational Technology Company which moved from On-Premise to the Cloud

Key Technologies: Oracle HCM Cloud, Oracle P2P

ABOUT Blackboard

Blackboard is a an educational technology company known for its learning management system. The firm provides education, mobile, communication, and commerce software and related services to clients including education providers, corporations and government organizations.


Moving from an On Premise ERP Peoplesoft to Cloud (HCM & Procurement to Pay), Blackboard faced several challenges in adapting to new functionalities. Here are some of the key challenges that Blackboard faced.

  • New changes that are Published by Oracle as monthly updates are not validated on time.
  • Path stabilization on Cloud (HCM & Procurement to Pay), was not properly done by Implementation partners
  • Admins as well as Business users were finding it difficult to run business which in turn resulted in a high volume of Incidents.
  • Timely response from Oracle Support was not as expected by Blackboard.


  • Monthly updates pushed by Oracle were not tested by Blackboard due to a lack of cloud expertise. The main challenge was to ensure that the existing business functionalities are not broken with these changes. Suneratech utilized industry-leading testing platforms FavEX & Cloudtestr to make sure that business transactions ran fine even after monthly updates by utilizing the 2 weeks window provided by Oracle before Production patching.
  • The Patch Impact Report provided by FavEX helped in prioritizing modules that needs to be tested. Cloudtestr’s robust pre-built business transactions as an Automation test suite gets into the Job by testing and providing a summary report with minimal manual efforts.
  • Administrators and Business users have very limited knowledge of the Cloud (HCM & Procurement to Pay), which is unlike conventional ERPs. The main reason for this is poor collaboration between the SI partner and Blackboard. Suneratech assumed complete responsibility of educating Blackboard in all business processes by working closely with Administrators across all the modules by organizing weekly calls, presentations and working sessions.
  • Sunertech, with its expertise in both Functional and Technical areas, helped Blackboard to run its day to day business transactions without any hassle.
  • Suneratech worked as bridge between Oracle Support and Blackboard by taking complete ownership of production issues to run the Business. The highly experienced consultants at Sunera made the job easy for Blackboard in getting the correct resolution on time though it is on Cloud.


  • Blackboard gained confidence in its cloud investments and the cloud approach (4-week) followed by Suneratech in making sure the Oracle Monthly updates has no/minimal impact on Business. This testing methodology currently works as a shield of protection to Blackboard no matter whether it is a monthly update or an Application upgrade.
  • The cloud testing platform not only minimized the number of manual hours at Blackboard but also the vision of cloud testing which Blackboard have never thought on Cloud was made true.
  • Complete ownership shown by Suneratech had helped to run critical business processes on time with fewer Incidents raised.
  • Resolution time for each issue came down significantly and it was only possible because of Suneratech’s highly experienced consultants.

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