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See How Automation Can work Wonders On Your Oracle SOA Code Review

See How Automation Can work Wonders On Your Oracle SOA Code Review
Code review is to programmers as editing is to authors. Every software program, after being written, has to go through a methodical and comprehensive ‘review’ to catch any errors inadvertently introduced during coding. This is a necessary step in order to produce code that is virtually error-free and well-documented. Code reviews are also essential to ensure compliance with existing coding standards.

“Code Review is the single greatest way of noticing and killing bugs, increasing overall understanding, fixing design problems, and learning from one another.”

Graydon Hoare

Service Oriented Architecture
service-oriented architecture (SOA) is an architectural blueprint in software design wherein the components of the application provide services to other components via a communications protocol over a network.

Oracle Fusion Middleware SOA/BPM is one of the most popular middleware platforms available today.Thousands of businesses use OFM SOA packages for their businesses, making them one of the most reliable SOA software packages.

Why Review SOA Code?
During SOA code creation, due to erroneous development, inadequate or incorrect testing, inconsistent configurations, deficient SOA security, use of non-standard practices, and the complex nature of such programs, often glitches arise during business operations, disrupting activities and creating unfavorable customer experiences.To prevent such disruptions, it is vital that a thorough code review is performed on the code.

Benefits of performing rigorous code reviews, manual or automated, are as follows:

  • Detection of improperly-implemented requirements, missing requirements, and poorly designed interfaces.
  • Early identification of bugs, preventing later corrective measures including expensive and time-consuming quality assurance procedures.
  • Code review helps to sustain a consistent coding style and attain coding compliance.
  • Peer reviews by other programmers help them understand code base and learn from each other. They also serve as team-building exercises.
  • Peer reviews also help to maintain consistent design and implementation structures.
  • Ultimately, efficient code reviews increase the quality of code and thereby the confidence of users.However, peer reviews of code have a few drawbacks:
    1. It is time-consuming and painstaking.
    2. It is less broad-range than automatic review with tools.
    3. It requires the reviewer to have considerable expertise and experience.
    4. Regression testing is not possible with manual code review.

There are many sophisticated and effective tools and software available for code review that drastically reduce the time and effort taken to detect defects and to ensure quality. Phabricator, Codestriker, Codifferous, Crucible, Malevich, Veracode, Gerrit, and so on are some of the popular code review tools and software available to make the review process swift and error-free.

However, interestingly, there is no code review tool for BPEL, except CodeScanr, a code review tool by DevOpsXpress, a suite of automation solutions specifically for Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Till now, only human review was being done for this. Now with automation, even large numbers of composites can be completely and accurately reviewed by CodeScanr.

DevOpsXpress for SOA/BPEL Code Review
For an Oracle Fusion Middleware developer or QA analyst, CodeScanr from DevOpsXpress can be an invaluable tool to ensure the quality and performance of their Oracle SOA BPEL. It reads through the code and checks it against defined standards of quality. Not only that, CodeScanr can report any variations or errors immediately and calculate the level of compliance for the code.

The speed and accuracy of the application ensures quick onboarding of the program by developers with minimal time spent on review. The programmer, thus, can focus on writing the code and leave the reviewing to the software.

Benefits of CodeScanr

  • CodeScanr drastically cuts down on the time, error rate, and cost of code reviewing, especially compared to manual or peer reviews.
  • It can reduce the cost of code review by up to 80% as compared to peer reviews.
  • Not only that, the time taken for code review can also be significantly reduced. CodeScanr can do the job almost 100 times faster than human reviewers.

Automation of code review of Oracle Fusion Middleware can be done via adoption of software modules such as DevOpsXpress, saving precious time and money, and delivering flawless code for an excellent user experience.

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