An assembly of the future of technology: Generational computing is shifting to the Cloud


Feb 25

An assembly of the future of technology: Generational computing is shifting to the Cloud

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 has made businesses recognize and significantly accelerate gravity’s shift to the Cloud. In this fast-paced environment, various industries’ enterprises require the ability to respond instantly, adapt to the new advanced analytics, incorporate AI, increase automation, and accelerate digitalization efforts.

As companies rush to transform their application landscape, they cannot afford to spend much time on typical application management. In this case, Cloud Computing provides them with a significantly faster time to value and innovate without disrupting the business process in a highly automated manner.

With Cloud Computing, users can access data, applications, and services via the Internet, eliminate the need for costly hardware, and provide the customers with the ability to work remotely.

Enterprises are in a rush to secure their footprint in Cloud and maximize return on investment; it will dominate ever-increasing portions of enterprise IT decisions. ERP is the most critical asset in the IT landscape; taking it to the Cloud is imperative. Given the server bandwidth required, running it on-premises is not as productive.

The cost, resource, and time-intensive complex deployment processes add a further barrier to scalability. Cloud deployment, with cost-optimized easy scalability, security, and accessibility, is the only viable option.

A business that enables innovation and transformation into an intelligent enterprise works better with the SAP S/4HANA. If there is an idea of incorporating next-gen applications like Machine Learning and AI into the business, SAP S/4HANA is the preferred choice. It is designed to leverage the Cloud platform integrating with social, mobile, and networked users.

Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud and SAP S/4HANA

Feature-packed for business
Build, manage, and deploy cloud-based enterprise applications. Integrate with current SAP and non-SAP solutions or extend them in the Cloud or on-premises.

Expand the value of existing applications.
SAP S/4HANA offers connectivity and lets you add value to the current enterprise solutions in the Cloud or running on-premises. This streamlines the integration of new applications with the assurance of the lowest possible overall costs.

Faster Deployments
Build and deploy consumer and business applications faster while ensuring new functionality that meets emerging business needs in SAP S/4HANA in the Cloud.

Increase in ROI and decrease costs.
Reduce CapEx as there are no up-front costs, and the cloud provider manages platform operations, and this minimizes the cost of deploying and developing cloud applications.

Sell anytime, anywhere on any device.
Increases productivity – both online and offline. Increased customer interactions by spending less time chasing down the information.

Reduce Support Costs
Back-ups, disaster recovery, and performance monitoring are all managed by the Cloud provider. So, this eliminates the need to manage the Cloud and focus more on business operations.

Improved Performance
You can directly access the operational data without affecting the performance of other operating systems.

The most critical challenge apart from cloud computing is managing the workloads.

How do you move your SAP landscape and manage the day-to-day operations without creating a toll on the IT teams, all this with zero friction peak performance?

Considering the business reality, IT budgets are strained, and unless you have a clear ROI, it is tough to gain business trust. Integration is the biggest worry for an IT leader; the seamless integration of the existing environment, the non-SAP workloads, Databases, and moving Applications to the Cloud SAP S/4 HANA landscape emerge as major dependencies.

Security is also one of the major concerns apart from maintaining the network and systems. The challenges seem daunting, and therefore you need an integrated partner who can accelerate your cloud journey.

Before starting the cloud journey, a detailed assessment of the current on-premises environment is the foremost requirement. Make an index of the existing servers, including capacity, utilization, and performance metrics.

Making the right choice of Cloud

After gaining clarity on your current landscape and future requirements, next comes another way of choosing the right cloud platform.

The most common concern is the choice of Cloud – private, public, or hybrid. There is no single answer to the question as it is based on business needs and goals. Your current and future technology requirements must be thoroughly analyzed to choose the choice of the right platform.

Private Cloud – For Greater Control
Most businesses host their workload in a more controlled environment. With private cloud deployment, there is a reduction in IT costs, but private Cloud is a tough choice for enterprises with limited visibility on their mid to long-term requirements. While choosing the private cloud environment, the business should carefully choose a cloud partner with excellent expertise, innovative tools, and the best approaches in leveraging cloud journey.

Public Cloud – embracing the Technology Edge.
Public Cloud, with the easy scalability and most advanced technology practices, provides an optimal environment to host SAP S/4HANA workloads. It gives more freedom to scale up or scale out the existing servers and brings down the complexity of deploying new servers. IaaS and PaaS deliver improved efficiency and increased productivity while bringing down resource dependency. It is overarchingly the case-in-a-box solution for small and mid-sized organizations that exclusively look for shared cloud space.

Hybrid Cloud – For flexibility
Hybrid clouds are best suited for complex landscapes with multiple Lines of Business (LOB). For enterprises with a central command and shared services model, a Hybrid Cloud is a natural choice. Here the challenges are managing a vast, distributed landscape with zero disruption, and this is where most organizations are struggling to gain optimal performance.

Find the right cloud service provider

Finally, after considering the right cloud choice, the further challenge is choosing the right cloud service provider throughout the cloud journey – precise strategy, architecture design, swift deployment, management, monitoring, governance, and security compliance.

This can be a little overwhelming, but it creates a stretch on resources and mounting costs if you pick a different partner at each stage.

Fortunately, by using full-stack integrators like Suneratech, most of these challenges are tackled for our customers, helping small teams to provide high-quality experience without expensive investments. By underwriting guaranteed SLAs to be always available or automated scaling to handle traffic peaks, be more agile and productive in their projects by automating deployments to get to market faster, integrate more easily with different services and components of an application both in the Cloud and on-premises for hybrid solutions, handling security and privacy without specific additional investments in these areas. The benefits of using fully managed services impact ROI, Time-to-market, and IT time saved. Customers can then focus on the experience they are offering to their end-users and use their free time to deliver more innovative solutions while getting to the market faster than ever.

Suneratech, The Most Valued Partner for SAP in mid-market space, enables businesses to accelerate their cloud journey reducing the upfront costs and TCO. We leverage business to experience “the whole ERP.”

We have years of experience and expertise in Managed Services: managing Servers, OS, Databases, Storage and Data Services, Active Directory Integration, Networking services, daily operations, 24/7 monitoring with NOC and SOC on top of providing the best-in-class security.

We solve customer challenges in integrating the existing environment, the non-SAP workloads, DBs, Apps to Cloud S4HANA brings dependencies, server security, network and systems, mission-critical apps, strong regulatory frameworks. Also, conduct a detailed assessment of the on-premises environment, existing servers, capacity, sizing, utilization, and performance metrics. With Sunera’s Cloud Migration Factory, we provide the customer with a connected approach that balances the speed of a standard lift & shift with the potential for growth of a modernized enterprise with the purpose to expose the process methodology and establish a maturity plan to execute an iterative agile accelerator processes model that fit their needs.

Start your journey to the Cloud

Transform business processes and achieve digital transformation with automation and real-time visibility. With an experience of 30+ S/4HANA migrations worldwide, we provide the unmatched advantage of global best practices.

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