A Leap Towards Digital Assurance


Sep 28

A Leap Towards Digital Assurance

Digitalization is a result of technology-induced changes in the business cycles of organizations. It encourages an organization to do its business better, faster, and cheaper by standing ahead of its rivals.

The digital solutions and services offer a robust customer experience. Quality at speed is an essential factor in digital assurance, and companies want to deliver quality products much faster than before. So, organizations make a shift to the right automation platforms, which is considered a critical factor for its success. Digital transformation initiatives triggered a significant change in the way high-quality assurance is accomplished these days.

Digital assurance includes automation, performance monitoring, and security challenges. It also provides the speed of delivery in a continuously evolving environment that digital businesses require. DA monitors the drawbacks of traditional approaches and focuses on customer problems.

But due to the developing client demand and expectations, the modern shift has forced businesses to test software apps with digital assurance leveraging user experience. So, shifting from traditional approaches to the Digital quality assurance has become the need of the hour to address the challenges like:

QA Automation for Better Business:

In a conventional QA approach, organizations solely validate the prevailing software applications without enhancing the customer experience. Making a shift to DA will automate the process and provide a real-time response to address this drawback and simultaneously accelerates the digital testing process. Digital QA utilizes AI & robotics solutions for various automation with accuracy and speed that transcend traditional testing activities.

Enhancing the Brand Value for Optimal Growth:

Brand value is considered vital for organizations, marketers, entrepreneurs, and corporations. Digital assurance enhances brand loyalty, motivates, and retains talent and lowers the expense of financing. It helps firms to set up and maintain a culture that spells of quality products and services. A sound digital assurance set up identifies and eliminates any bugs and defects in the developmental stage and enhances the brand value.

To Face Security Challenges: 

Security is of paramount significance, specifically in an interconnected world. The revolutionary ecosystems and smart devices are enabling an incredible world of opportunities. Still, on the flip side, it makes the whole system profoundly vulnerable to security threats, if not appropriately configured and tested.

So, in this case, a shift to Digital QA acts as an antagonist and grants security to all the customer’s digital assets by proactively predicting, preventing, and detecting defects to provide continuous supervision to find any security gaps.


Digital assurance is not bounded to just testing projects but guarantees a simple, quick, and healthier user experience.

Predictive Analysis & Performance Monitoring:

Delivering enhanced customer experience while leveraging an assortment of components of the Digital ecosystem is challenging. Ensuring each part has optimum performance leading to customer satisfaction becomes difficult as an organization becomes more digitally mature. With predictive analysis, organizations improve their project efficiency and ensure that projects are delivered in time.

Digital assurance validates the performance that plays a significant role when any new technology is rolled in. It delivers a well-defined predictive & performance methodology and validations to sync with the development cycle and helps in the organization’s growth.

Maximizing the ROI:

Digital Assurance can help organizations realize the ROI of their digital spend by maximizing revenues based on improved customer satisfaction. Digital assurance ensures that an organization’s adopted digital services are relevant to the company growth and will continue to garner a higher return on investment (ROI) over a period.

Organizations must adopt Digital assurance practices and choose a reliable service provider who can comprehensively tackle every dimension, as mentioned above. A powerful Digital assurance initiative will help an enterprise reap decreased time to market, better quality, speed, and ROI while ensuring quality & scalability.


Since every project is different, the challenges, durations, and tools may vary. Organizations pursuing agility in their business practices need to adopt robust test automation services that ensure prime quality.

SuneraTech embraced and adapted this need and customized the Digital assurance solutions with an automated platform to cater to various industries. It offers flexible and cost-effective digital assurance solutions to handle the multi-faceted challenges in testing across multiple digital platforms, devices, and services.

We provide new-age digital technologies platforms like CloudTestr, specializing in test cycle management, automation, quality assurance, quality testing. CloudTestr helps you drive all your digital assurance initiatives through continuous test automation platforms.