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Predictability, Productivity and Innovation.

Increase business confidence Reduce testing effort

CloudTestr, cloud-based testing automation platform rapidly automates testing changes to your enterprise apps.
Reduce your time to validate, from weeks to days, by leveraging CloudTestr.

Key Features

Key-word Driven Framework
Focus on business process & validations. Define test cases with BA's & SME's.

Quickly develop test documentation for reference & training.

Pay-as-you-go Pricing
Break even faster. No up-front software & hardware costs.

Eliminate risks in SOA implementations & operations

DevOpsXpress, cloud-based SOA implementation and management platform addresses risks that are the cause for disruptions for IT and Business during the SOA/BPM rollouts.

Key Features

Continuous Provisioning
80% reduction in time to build new error free Fusion Middleware environments.

Continuous Deployments
10X faster application deployments reducing 65% of operating costs.

Continuous Code Validations
100% compliance to reference architecture and BPEL standards.

Increase BI Adoption Reduce Administrative Costs

BIXpress, a cloud-based Business Intelligence Automation platform enables you to not only increase BI Adoption but also ensures its trustworthiness.

Key Features

Source and DW Data Reconciliation
Ability to configure and run validation scripts in Source, DW and BI to pinpoint problem areas.

Highly Efficient, Automated Testing
Automation of QA tasks such as Unit & Regression testing. And, provides enhanced Repository Model (RPD) validation.


Transforming the 'Information Office' to 'Innovation Office'

Mega technology trends such as social, mobile, cloud and data analytics has changed how consumers perceive IT delivery.

News & Events

Aleris selects DevOpsXpress platform for OFM implementation

July 30 2015: Aleris a global leader in aluminum & alloy manufacturing, has selected DevOpsXpress for their OFM implementation.


Eliminate risks in SOA Implementations and Operations

Aug 05 2015: During the SOA & BPM implementations, both IT and Business are exposed to significant risks of business disruption.

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Suneratech’s platform-based solutions and services can integrate and enhance customer's existing cloud and platform apps, helping increase ROI and reduce the risk of application management. We work with over 70 tier-1 and tier-2 customers in key areas such as Testing, Integration, Reporting and Analytics and more, across multiple geographies.

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