Zero Cost Cloud Migration

Move to cloud at Zero Upfront Investment with Zero Cost Cloud Migration (ZCCM) Program!


Cover your cloud data control and management needs, from large-scale workload and application migrations to storage, data backups, and data archiving – All this at Zero Migration Cost!
Move to cloud at Zero Upfront Investment with Zero Cost Cloud Migration (ZCCM) Program!
CLOUD-FIRST is a captivating concept around which the emerging businesses are predominantly dependent upon. While it aligns with the digital transformation strategies built for enterprises, migrating workloads to cloud comes with its own challenges like flexibility, application performance and budgets.

In a data-driven world, you need a comprehensive business model to accelerate your IT transformation with cloud services, and offering you with the advantages of cloud – business agility, security, cost efficiency, simplicity, and a clear strategy to move you to cloud while reaping the benefits.

Suneratech facilitates migrating all the workloads from either existing datacenter or other Cloud Infrastructure to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure(OCI) through ZCCM program, at ZERO Migration Cost!

Four Easy Steps for ZCCM
  • Suneratech writes up an agreement as Managed Services Provider (MSP) with Oracle.
  • Suneratech invests upfront in both Cloud BOM (on behalf of customer) and Migration Services, while customer’s existing service is active. Customer does not need to secure more funds to simultaneously pay existing service contracts, and Suneratech.
  • Customer pays Suneratech from the savings realized after migration has successfully completed, over the life of contract.
  • ZCCM covers all migration, infrastructure and managed services costs.
ZCCM Use Cases
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure – Increase the ROI of a new infrastructure, Cloud, by quickly migrating your applications and data.
  • Platforms (Integrations & AppDev) – Automate a process by orchestrating and integrating data for AppDev
  • Autonomous Cloud – Automate routine tasks required to manage Oracle databases and let your database administrators (DBAs) handle more strategic work.
  • Cloud Security – Manage risks and improve visibility of cloud workloads and improve overall security posture at reduced cost.
  • Managed Services – Concentrate on your core business instead of handling day-to-day operations and technology issues

ZCCM Advantage for Customers

When a customer withdraws from other service providers like IBM or OMCS, and opt for a new provider, customer must pay for both the providers until the migration is completed. ZCCM program is a great choice for such customers, as it saves this double cost by paying all the Oracle costs until the customer’s contract terminates with other cloud service provider. Suneratech migrates all workloads in scope to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), at ZERO Cost, and will not invoice until all workloads are successfully migrated to Cloud.
Value Proposition
  • Migrate to cloud without additional Investment
  • Guaranteed 40% savings of infrastructure and management costs
  • Accelerate Realization of Cost and Innovation Benefits of Cloud
Cloud Solutions Expertise
  • Enterprise Migration, Oracle Applications, 3rd Party Workloads
  • Migration to IaaS and PaaS solutions
  • Lift & Shift, Re-platforming, Rearchitect
Strategic Partnership
  • Develop a migration roadmap and post-migration strategy
  • Suneratech invests upfront in OCI and Migration costs
  • Suneratech amortizes costs over the duration of the Managed Services Agreement
Customer Success Story
Our customer is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), a Fortune 500 company, manufacturing automobile components for military suppliers, trucks, and trailers. By availing ZCCM program, they were able to save 58% of the cost to cloud.

Success Stories

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