• Why Suneratech?

    We understand inefficiencies in IT
    and fix them.

We offer products, solutions and platforms built on Artificial Intelligence, Automation and best practice content. We make you faster and allow you to focus on your business priorities through innovation.

Cloud-Based Platforms

No upfront investment in tools, technology or implementation.

No Setup Time

Our platforms are pre-populated with the best practice content that allows you to hit the road running from day one.

Intelligent Systems

Leverage AI and Machine Learning to bring predictability and efficiency where they are most needed – testing, integrations and operations.

Future Proof

Enable your team and technology to work cohesively and design robotized IT Solutions.

Our Three-Switch Approach
To Enabling Innovation

A Platform Approach

The Suneratech IT automation product suite is built to capture relevant data, gain intelligence through machine learning and become exponentially efficient — leading to massive savings in cost and time. This approach has created future-proof solutions that can automate the most inefficient and repetitive elements of your IT operations – Testing, DevOps and Change Management.

Suneratech SWITCH Framework

A Practical Approach

While businesses seek to transform into digital enterprises, they can’t get there overnight. Our products are built on the Suneratech SWITCH framework to help companies crawl, walk and run towards their digital goals through the steps of AUTOMATION, MIGRATION and INNOVATION. Each step makes sure that your company is stable and ready for the next stage of Digitalization.

Services and Support

Services & Support

Our automation products eliminate your IT redundancies and leave the need for minimal human intervention. Our managed services team understands these native products and can help you with managing your Applications and IT Operations.

Technology Partners


  • “Cloudtestr has drastically reduced the number of manual transactions we have had to complete before we could test our Oracle cloud HCM system during either minor patches or major upgrades!”


  • “Cloudtestr, powered by Suneratech has enabled us to focus on new business solutions and it has been very beneficial from a business perspective.

    I absolutely loved this product, which has automated our testing process and reduced time further. Looking forward to incorporating quality component called CLOQ to Cloudtestr.”


  • “With APM, we reduced the time we spend to discover changes by over 80%. As a result, we noticed an increase in quality and reduction in the planned downtime.”


  • “We improved our testing cycle, the quality of it and turnaround time in our business processes using Cloudtestr. It is a brilliant platform and one-of-its kind because of its NO HARDWARE AND MINIMUM SOFTWARE STRATEGY.”


  • “We are impressed with the features and benefits delivered by Cloudtestr and CLOQ. Working with Suneratech is a true delight and their platforms are by far the best solutions for those who’d like to automate, streamline and grow their business.”

    Oracle Cloud

  • “When I was first introduced to Suneratech, I didn’t know much about technology, or about the cloud. Suneratech did a fabulous job of converting my vision statement into business requirements, business requirements into technical requirements, and building the app in as little as 90 days.”

    The Factory

Customer Stories

Case Study


See how this footwear manufacturer manages peak season demand with a custom Oracle solution.

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Case Study

The Factory

A brick-and-mortar car wholesaler transforms into a digital business with a solution built entirely on Oracle Cloud.

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