The Ultimate Guide to Automating Your IT Operations


Apr 08
Every business strives to be an agile enterprise. Due to the growing demand for agility and innovation, Chief Innovation Officers (CIOs) have no choice but to streamline their IT operations and reinvest the savings in innovative solutions.

Such transformation cannot happen overnight, especially in legacy-laden enterprise organizations. Such organizations cannot simply flip a switch and expect to transform. How should they begin their journey to automate IT operations?

What if we have a tried-and-true solution for you? Suneratech offers a SWITCH framework for legacy enterprises to transition to digital enterprises without the risk of disrupting their business.

Our whitepaper delves into IT automation types, including infrastructure, application, and data center automation. In addition, it provides a practical roadmap for IT automation and the challenges that organizations may face during the implementation process. These include cultural resistance, lack of expertise, and concerns around security and compliance.

Key topics
  • Why Automation?
  • What should you be automating?
  • SWITCH framework by Suneratech
  • How does the SWITCH framework help?

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