Flatten IT Cost Curve in the Dawn of Digital Innovation

(White Paper)

Apr 08
The Covid-19 pandemic has several repercussions, the most serious of which is the economic slowdown. To deal with it, CIOs and IT leaders have been searching for ways to save IT from cost-cutting measures as businesses cut back on the expense. Furthermore, they want to avoid any setbacks when the company returns to growth mode.

In the post-Covid era, the ‘flattening the curve’ approach may be a solution to all problems. Although cost reduction remains the top priority, this approach focuses on rationalizing and optimizing IT assets. Moreover, it includes a strategy to increase automation across business operations, as businesses may reduce IT overhead costs by at least 40%.

Our exclusive whitepaper on “Flatten IT Cost Curve in the Dawn of Digital Innovation” explores how organizations can flatten their IT cost curve while still leveraging the latest digital technologies to drive innovation and growth.

It provides practical guidance for organizations looking to flatten their IT cost curve, including optimizing their infrastructure, adopting cloud technologies, and leveraging automation to streamline IT operations. Moreover, it discusses the importance of strategic partnerships and collaboration with vendors and service providers to help organizations achieve their cost-reduction goals.

Key topics
  • What is the flattened IT cost curve?
  • 3-stages of IT asset rationalization
  • IT asset rationalization case study
  • IT rationalization benefits

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