Pandemic Business Continuity Test

Mar 23, 2020, 10:00 AM CST – 11:00 AM CST

Mar 16

Pandemic Business Continuity Test

LOCUZ & Suneratech

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While most enterprises would have a Business Continuity plan on paper, the plan will be put to test over the next few weeks, given the global pandemic situation. Especially enabling your entire workforce to operate and work remotely.

Turing on the remote-work switch is something most businesses would have done during the last week, some that don’t have a remote work set-up will need to get one in place in shortest possible time. The others that have a remote-work switch, but haven’t tested may need to do enough testing for Security, Availability and Performance before it is turned on.

SuneraTech and Locuz together brings you a Webcast, irrespective of your state of preparedness, will be useful for you to understand the Key tenets of operationalizing and transitioning to a seamless remote work environment. We will talk about and share methodologies and recommendations for enabling a secure, high-available and high-performing remote work environment.

Uttam Majumdar President, Locuz Enterprise Solutions Ltd

Uttam Majumdar

President, Locuz Enterprise Solutions Ltd
Key Takeaways:
  • Check-list to operationalize and transition to a seamless remote work environment
  • Methodology of testing your remote-work set-up
  • List of potential issue/failure hot-spots to consider/anticipate and corresponding solutions
    • Securing the Remote-Work Env Set-Up
    • Configuring it for High Availability and Performance
  • Model to Plug-in “On-demand IT service desk” support