Influencer Loyalty for Brand Advocacy

(On-Demand Webinar)

Dec 16

Influencer Loyalty for Brand Advocacy

Brand Advocacy can activate emotional connection with lucrative advocate communities to become cost-effective revenue growth engines
  • An influencer is king, and adoption makes it work
  • Identification, appreciation, and redemption
  • Unleash the power of data to grow your Influencer loyalty

This webinar will help drive the desire for a redemption mechanism for influencers and brand advocates. As many firms lack an IT platform, they tend to do it through trade loyalty but fail to connect emotionally with influencers.

The benefits of connecting with key influencers and incentivizing them for their recommendations could be a game changer in these scenarios.

Using Cloud Platform, IoT, wallet integration, and mobile apps, brand owners can adapt to the easiest loyalty system ever.

  • Advantages of technology around influencer loyalty
  • How a loyalty platform will help brands
  • How you can gain on data collection and analytics
  • Best practices and cloud-based technologies to transform the way you work
  • Hear customer case studies and success stories
Who should attend
  • If you are a Technology or Supply chain business head (CMO, CTO, CIO, CDO, VP Marketing, Manager and Marketing aspiring entrants)
  • If you can invest 60 mins from your busy schedule to deep dive into influencer loyalty and its digitalization covering adoption, technology, and benefits.
  • If you are stuck with typical trade loyalty and rewarding influencer via a distributor, then you need to move on.
  • If you are looking to begin or advance the Digital Transformation initiative in our organization.
  • If budget is your constraint and you still need to work on brand advocacy.

If you can tick mark any of the above choices, you should attend this webinar.




Quick introduction and agenda

05 Mins

Digital transformation key attributes, challenges; enablers and success factors

20 Mins

Influencer is king

05 Mins

Adoption makes it work

05 Mins

Identification, appreciation, and redemption

10 Mins

Power of data to grow on your Influencer loyalty

10 Mins

Summary and Q&A

10 Mins

Key Takeaways
  • Know the various challenges faced by companies in Influencer Loyalty and Brand Advocacy
  • Accelerate your Digital Transformation journey at lower risk and minimal cost using cloud accelerators
  • Move from legacy systems to advanced technologies and attain maximum ROI

Sudheer Mareddi

MD - SuneraTech
Vinil Vadi

Vinil Vadi

CDO - SuneraTech

Mahesh Gajjelli

VP Sales - SuneraTech

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