EBS Upgrade, Migrate to Cloud, EBS Modernization & Digital Innovation

October 27, 2021, 10:30 AM – 11:15 AM CST

Sep 24

EBS Upgrade, Migrate to Cloud, EBS Modernization & Digital Innovation

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) is one of the primary pillars of your IT Infrastructure that keeps the business running. Oracle has decided to discontinue supporting EBS 12.1.x by the end of 2021, which means no fixes, upgrades, or patches! To future proof your ERP, upgrade to Oracle EBS 12.2.x (12.2.9 and above) to stay supported by Oracle at least till 2032.

Suneratech Oracle EBS Upgrade Solution delivers risk-free and accelerated Upgrades.

  • Reduces efforts, schedules, and costs by at least 45%.
  • AI-Driven Auto-Retrofit program analyzes the impacted CEMLIs and automatically retrofits them for the to-be version.
  • Automating validation & testing, significantly reducing manual intervention while covering functional, regression, integration & performance testing.
  • Reduce risks associated with human intervention while expediting the overall upgrade process, thus reducing risks & costs.

Join this 45-minute session to learn unique perspectives from global leaders on how global enterprises are institutionalizing Application modernization, Automation, Migration, and Continual Innovation. You will also discover how companies can self-fund innovations, accelerate the business case to transformation, and leverage technologies to accelerate automation to the cloud.




The Curious Case of Oracle Upgrades

10 Mins

Our Unique Differentiator - EBS Upgrade Assistant

15 Mins

Self-Funded EBS Migration to OCI

5 Mins

Customer Experience Journey – Atkins

5 Mins

Summary and Q&A

10 Mins

Key Takeaways
  • Know the various challenges faced by Companies during the upgrade
  • Accelerate your EBS Upgrade at lower risk and lower cost using Suneratech’s value accelerators
  • Moving to OCI with Zero Cost Cloud Migration and attain maximum ROI
Srikanth Pakala - Chairman

Srikanth Pakala

Founding Partner & Lead Architect - SuneraTech
Sumit Chandra Sharma

Sumit Chandra Sharma

Oracle Solution Head - SuneraTech

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