Digital Supply Chain Summit

November 18, 2021, 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM IST

Oct 21

Digital Supply Chain Summit

Supply Chain Digitalization: Why Digital, What is Digitalization and How to approach it.

  • Warehouse Digitization – The Future
  • Work in Progress (WIP) @ Production
  • Handling and In-transit Digitally

This summit will help participants understand the nuances of digitalizing their traditional supply chain and ways to gain complete visibility of most shop floor operations.

The speakers in this summit are renowned experts who will share their insights on efficient handling of warehouse facilities, decreasing errors, increasing traceability, reducing WIP, and modernizing businesses.

Through this session, we will apprise manufacturers on how to control production, lower costs, increase productivity, and maintain customer and supplier loyalty using Cloud Platform, IoT, and Digital Supply Chain.

5 Discussion Points in This Webinar

  • Know the tangible and intangible advantages of digital supply chain
  • Understand how a digital supply chain can transform your warehouse management
  • Learn how to gain visibility and control Work in Progress in production
  • Apprise participants on the best practices and cloud-based technologies to transform the way they work
  • Hear customer case studies and success stories
Who Should Attend?

  • If you are a technology or supply chain business head (CTO, CIO, CDO, SCM – Head etc).
  • If you can devote 2 hours from your busy schedule to get a deep dive understanding of supply chain digitalization covering adoption, technology, and benefits.
  • If you are facing typical and unique supply chain issues like WMS, inventory control, track & trace
  • If you are looking to begin or advance the digital transformation initiative in our organization.
  • If you are looking to integrate and innovate your legacy SCM systems & processes. (Read: ERP systems combined to deliver wholistic and symbiotic data transmission across every touch point)
  • If budget is your constraint and you are unable to use established, costly digital solutions.

If you can tick mark at least one of the above choices, you should attend this webinar.




Quick introduction and agenda

5 Mins

Digital transformation key attributes, challenges, enablers and success factors

30 Mins

Warehouse Digitization – The future

25 Mins

WIP @ Production

25 Mins

Handling and in-transit digitally

25 Mins

Summary and Q&A

10 Mins

Come & Join This Webinar to Unlock the Power of Transformative Digital Capabilities.

Take a proactive step towards embracing intellectual curiosity and embark on the path of solving industry critical components that laggard your processes.

Once you understand the path to leverage an interconnected ecosystem, there is no stopping you from advancing towards a truly digital Industry 4.0 ready organization and setting exemplary business practices for the future.

Key Takeaways
  • Know the various challenges faced by companies in supply chain management and how to mitigate them through cost-effective solutions
  • Accelerate your digital transformation journey with lower risks and minimal costs using Suneratech’s value accelerators
  • Move from legacy systems to advanced technologies and attain maximum ROI

Sudheer Mareddi

MD - SuneraTech

Mahesh Gajjelli

VP Sales - SuneraTech
Vishal Bhargava

Vishal Bhargava

Head - Digital - Pidilite Industries Limited

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