DevOps on AWS –
Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

March 29, 2022, 10:00 AM CST – 11:00 AM CST

Mar 14

DevOps on AWS –
Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Organizations are increasingly leveraging AWS cloud and DevOps practices to deliver faster and better customer service. DevOps which is not a tool, technology or framework. Instead, it is a set of practices that help bridge the gap between development and operations teams in an enterprise. ​

DevOps is more than implementing the right tools and technologies. The success of DevOps depends upon driving technical and cultural shifts together.​

Join with us in the 45-min session where our experts will showcase how the services and tools offered by AWS enable businesses to build and deliver products using DevOps practices rapidly and reliably. ​




Introduction to DevOps Practices

10 Mins

DevOps in AWS – A quick Insight on the Tools

10 Mins

Benefits of DevOps

10 Mins

Demo Lab – DevOps using EKS & Fargate Targets

10 Mins

Case Studies

05 Mins

Summary and Q&A

10 Mins

Key Takeaways
  • Cut down your product/application release cycle from months to weeks to days
  • Reduce the cost of infrastructure to 1/6th across production and non-production environments​
  • Minimize the friction to ‘0’ between Development and Operations team through end-to-end automated CI/CD process, resulting in superior quality and less errors​
  • Improve the productivity and performance to the tune of 10x for both your team and underlying cloud environment​
  • Reduce 80% of the security risks by adopting shift-left methodology in your CI/CD pipelines i.e. DevSecOps

If any of the above advantage resonates with you, you will not regret your time with us.

Vinil Vadi

Vinil Vadi

CTO - SuneraTech

Vipin Gulati

Head - Cloud and Digital Transformation, SuneraTech

Vishnu PV

Associate Director, Technology - SuneraTech

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