Accelerate business growth and modernization through data governance

Aug 04, 2022, 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM CST

Jul 15

Accelerate business growth and modernization through data governance

Are you facing challenges with deriving valuable insights from data? Do you have issues with the exploding amount of unstructured data lying unutilized? Do you want to take data-driven decisions in your business? Do you wish to take your business to new heights using data analytics?

The answer to the above questions is Data governance.

Data governance is a process of managing the availability, usability, integrity, and security of the data in enterprise systems, based on internal data standards and policies that also control data usage. It is the heart of any data management program and is the source of effective data for AI/ML, cutting-edge technologies, and applications that serve the world.

Data governance helps to ensure that data is usable, accessible, and protected. Effective data governance leads to better data analytics, which in turn leads to better decision-making and improved operations support.

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05 Mins

Significance of Data governance

10 Mins

With Data Governance vs Without Data Governance

10 Mins

How to Implement

10 Mins

Summary and Q&A

10 Mins

Key Takeaways
  • How data governance can empower data
  • Significance of realizing data governance at the early stage
  • How we can serve our customers in establishing a strong data governance foundation

Naren Babu C.

Architect, Data Analytics - SuneraTech

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