Transforming a Leading Retailer from a Brick-and-Mortar Business Model to Digital

Key Technologies: Oracle Integration Cloud Services, Mobile Cloud Services, Database Cloud Services

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ABOUT The Factory

The Factory is a leading automotive retail dealer based out of Florida utilizing brick-and-Mortar auction houses to sell their inventory of vehicles.


In the current system, dealers transport their vehicles to a local auction house, pay an inspection fee, get run numbers and hope for a buyer to be present at the auction house or online at the moment when their cars runs through the block. If a vehicle does not sell, the dealer pays a no sale fee, and has to decide whether to give it another shot, or to truck it back to the dealership. If the vehicle sells, the buyer pays a percentage of the selling price as fee. This was leading to

  • Dependency on auction houses for sales
  • Too much manual process in the sales cycle
  • Limitations in connecting with the real buyers


SuneraTech’s Digitalization & Integration Lab helped identify the right Cloud Solution based on its deep experience in Cloud Platforms such as Oracle PaaS, Amazon WS and Microsoft Azure. After a deep discovery process, Oracle PaaS Cloud Services emerged as the clear choice

Thereafter, we built a mobile and web platform that brings together buyers and sellers and providing visibility of the cars’ inventory anytime and anywhere across the country

The high-level solution included the following modules:

  • Appraisal of a vehicle
  • Appraisal Log
  • Inventory with search capabilities
  • Purchasing module with price quote and offers functionality
  • Logs for purchase logs and offer logs
  • Add-on services through external vendors for services, towing, etc.
  • Notification setups for alerts and push notifications to get offers and vehicle availability matching to specified criteria.


  • Increased access to market demand; moved from bricks to clicks
  • Enabled seller dealer to publish the used car inventory on digital platform transforming inventory lots to digital catalogs
  • Allowed buyer dealers to be able to search the inventory in real-time any-time any-where and get instant quotes; and make purchases New technologies and customer relationships are opening up new ways of creating value

“When we initiated with The Factory we knew we needed a hands-on implementation team to handle the specifics of the customers’ needs. By reputation from other divisions within Oracle, we engaged SuneraTech as we felt their relationship with Oracle coupled with SuneraTech’s stellar track record of developing the right solutions for enterprise level customers, would be a great fit.

We were also looking for a long term relationship with an implementation partner as our division of Oracle often deals with start-ups and small businesses. SuneraTech has a been a pleasure to work with and our customer, The Factory, couldn’t be happier.”

Dave Singer
Emerging Market Account Executive

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