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  • Oracle Fusion Cloud
    Upgrade your business to
    the new standard.
    Oracle Fusion is an opportunity for incumbent businesses to
    transition their legacy systems to a modern technology setup.

The Case for Oracle Fusion Cloud

Oracle Fusion is a cloud-based suite of applications and middleware to provide deep industry-specific solutions to business functions such as sales, finance, governance, supply chain, project management and procurement. Modern IT organizations are embracing Oracle Fusion for its secure but open standards-based platform. With Fusion, Oracle brings the next generation of technology to incumbent businesses that are struggling to keep pace with younger competition.

Getting there

  • 1
    Understanding the business in the context of the industry and mapping functional requirements to Fusion Applications
  • 2
    Comparing existing infrastructure and rolling out a migration plan
  • 3
    Implementation and integration of the application alongside and transitioning from existing IT infrastructure and aligning business processes with it
  • 4
    Ongoing maintenance of the applications


  • Migration

  • Application Development & Integration

  • Managed Services

  • Testing

  • Digital Transformation

Smart Management For Oracle Fusion Middleware Platform

Fusion OnDemand Managed ServicesTM a cloud platform powered by best of the tools, people and processes, simplifies provisioning, deployments, administration and monitoring of your Oracle Fusion Middleware platform on-premise and on-cloud, 24x7

Fusion Middleware Platform Management, Simplified

Suneratech’s FusionOnDemandTM Managed Services simplifies management of Oracle Fusion Middleware.