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Test Automation Development Overview

Automation of testing procedures dramatically brings down your development cycle and reduces human error. With the scalability that testing automation offers, organizations can more quickly accommodate the complexities of modern technological requirements with fewer resources, lower cost and faster execution.

Our testing automation services, built on the CloudTestr platform with a testing-as-a-service framework, delivers predictable outcomes, on-demand pricing and result-based invoices that lead to lower cost of ownership for larger business benefits. Testing automation is best suited for tests that repeat across cycles, releases and platforms. They are also ideal for simulating large data or a large number of concurrent users.

Key Benefits

  • 80% Reduction using Automated Testing

  • 30% Defects Reduction using In-built Regression Test Suite

  • 60% Shorter Deployment Cycles using Testing-as-a-Service

Key Features

  • Reduce testing budgets

  • Ensure compliance

  • Eliminate human error

  • Accelerate test cycles

  • Reduce dependency on functional experts

your Technology Platform

Testing automation for enterprise applications.

Bring agility to your continuous testing needs with OATS.

Oracle Application Testing Suite (OATS) is one of the foremost test automation tools for enterprises that perform heavy and regular testing on Oracle EBS, web applications and SOA applications. OATS automates both functional testing and load testing and provides a test management interface that simplifies the entire process.

As a Platinum Oracle Partner, SuneraTech offers expert testing automation services that understand both the OATS platform as well as Oracle EBS with the depth that can translate into highly effective test automation solutions.

Oracle Functional Testing Suite for Oracle Applications


Testing automation for continuous delivery.

83% of organizations now use agile development. An alarming majority are however unable to keep up the testing.

Development cycles are getting shorter and manual testing teams are unable to cope with the continuous testing requirements generated by agile development processes. HP UFT/QTP is a great platform for organizations in the process of transitioning from manual to automated testing because it accommodates both forms and converts manual tests into automated tests with its one-click automation tool.

HP UFT enables multi-layered testing across the Process, GUI and and Headless layers. The platform provides both functional and regression testing automation for:

  • ERP and CRM applications
  • Web, Rest and SOA services
  • Mobile platforms
  • Advanced Web 2.0 toolkits.

Our UFT testing automation service leverages the comprehensive CloudTestr platform to provide immediate results in speed, cost reduction and quality enhancement.

See yourself as your users would.

Automate your browser-based testing with Selenium.

With applications increasingly being developed as web apps, Selenium has rapidly grown into the testing automation platform of choice for modern IT organizations. Selenium allows creation of browser-based regression automation suites and tests, quick bug reproduction scripts and scripts to aid exploratory testing.

Selenium, as most open source tools, is immensely powerful but also requires an understanding that doesn’t come easily. The wide array of tools that it provides can only be fully leveraged with in-depth experts. SuneraTech was one of the first testing automation service providers to embrace Selenium and provides comprehensive testing automation solutions to its clients.