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    It is hard enough to
    grab attention.
    30% of mobile shoppers abandon a transaction if the
    experience is not good. User experience is everything.

Performance Testing Overview

Web applications have traditionally had a chicken and egg problem. They could not measure performance until then went live, and they could not go live until they measured performance. With performance testing technologies, this problem has been addressed with aplomb. Performance testing allows testing of applications at all stages of the development cycle, even before going live. So web apps that are drawing massive traffic can be rest assured that their users are not going to be disappointed when they come to visit.

your Technology Platform

Performance testing for global teams.

HP Performance Center is an enterprise-level centralized performance testing platform best suited for global organizations spread across multiple geographies. The platform offers cloud, mobile app and browser and continuous integration testing supported by advanced analytics.

Load testing for web and mobile apps.

LoadRunner by HP is a market-leading load testing software that assesses end-to-end performance of a wide range of web and mobile applications. With interactive recording and scripting, LoadRunner reduces the skill required to define, automate and manage load testing scripts.

Load testing automation for SOA/Web Services

Oracle Load Testing is a powerful load testing automation tool for complex applications built on SOA Web Services. The platform comes with accelerators for SOA/Web Services and Oracle Databases and simulates hundreds of thousands of users with minimal hardware utilization.

With Oracle Load Testing, developers can test peak load performance and improve user experience by analyzing and identifying bottlenecks in performance.

Testing every step of the way.

Blazemeter is one of the most popular open source performance testing tools for web and mobile apps, APIs and microservices. The tool is apt for testing performance at every software delivery stage and deploying at breakneck speed.