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Managed Services Overview

Maintenance of IT infrastructure, applications and middleware is cumbersome. Our managed services program reduces cost and increases efficiency while allowing you to concentrate on the business.

your Focus Area

IT that impacts business outcomes

Application maintenance and support when done right can lead to a constant increase in productivity while lowering costs.

Application maintenance and support (AMS) costs are increasing disproportionately to the quantum of work every year. Even non-critical attrition impacts operations significantly and despite the establishment of relevant metrics, there is a lack of visibility and clarity.

Automation of your AMS can lead to tremendous business impact with realized cost savings in 3 months and increased responsiveness in 6 months. Our automated AMS for Oracle EBS is powered by a combination of automation platforms with built-in predictive, self-healing and pattern recognition techniques. It identifies and captures errors before they impact users and establishes recurring patterns in issues to allow pre-emption. Supported by an auto-correction knowledge base, it also automatically heals itself wherever possible.

Key Benefits:

  • 30% Cost Savings using Predictive Maintenance
  • 50% Faster Response using Pattern Recognition
  • 20% Additional Savings Progressively using Self-healing
Suneratech’s Application Support Services

Suneratech Application Support Services uses it’s talent pool of skilled and certified engineers across level 1, level 2, level 3 support of applications.

Unlock the value of your investments.

Reduce incidents and enhance performance of your systems with expert Middleware management.

Organizations built on either cloud or legacy systems need help to ease the complexities and nuances of managing middleware systems. Our Middleware management service ensures that the system delivers maximum value and helps in getting the most out of IT investments.

Brace for impact.

Fast growing businesses need to have scalable technology that never fails their customers.

Better user experience means better business. And infrastructure forms the backbone of any such experience. Our infrastructure management service helps organizations to always be ready for change in business demand and scale accordingly.