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  • Customer Relationship Digitalization
    The new ABC:
    Always Be Communicating
    Impulsive buys are the norm today.
    Reach trigger-happy customers and stay in touch with them.

Customer Engagement Digitalization Overview

Aggregated marketplaces are the new high street. Customers visit these marketplaces for window-shopping and end up with a purchase. Incumbent businesses are struggling to accommodate this new “moment of truth” into their traditional marketing plans and are falling way short of their younger competitors. Products need to be discoverable, purchase-able and re-purchase-able today.

your Focus Area

Be as pervasive as your customers.

Distracted customers can as quickly ignore you as they can embrace you.

The only way to stay relevant in this ever-changing, ever-evolving e-commerce landscape is by being omnipresent. With rapidly changing trends in customer preference for marketplaces, the need of the hour is for a solution that can quickly set you up on multiple channels.

Don’t forget my birthday.

1:1 personalized marketing is no longer optional. Brands need to convince customers that they are being heard.

It is well documented that acquiring new customers is a lot more expensive than retaining existing ones. Yet, businesses spend most of their marketing budgets on new customer acquisition while they neglect their loyal customer base. It is now more important than ever for brands to have a direct connection with their customers and to address them with appropriate frequency and relevant messaging. To run such retention programs, businesses need enterprise-grade tools and the right processes in place.