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Enterprise Business Intelligence

Qlik has emerged as the business intelligence tool of choice for enterprise because of its scalable architecture, deep data discovery possibilities that allows for a unified dashboard for all your decision making. Suneratech unleashes the full potential of Qlik by developing world class dashboards, bringing together your data and setting up actionable visualizations.

Our Qlik Solutions

Qlik Assessment Services

Qlik is one of the most powerful fastest growing BI tools. Our Qlik Experts team analyzes your current Qlik deployment is being used to make recommendations such as:

  •   Better visualizations to understand hidden data relationships
  •   App customizations perfectly suited to your Qlik view users
  •   Current implementation performance pitfalls
  •   Improve integration of data sources
  •   Quick access to Qlik data without changes to existing setup
  •   Consolidation and efficiency of Enterprise BI Portfolio using Qlik

By implementing recommendations from our assessment team, you can expect your organization to increase adoption of Qlik, receive more accurate data, and make more informed decisions.

Qlik Assessment Services
Qlik for Oracle

Qlik for Oracle

Using Qlik with Oracle reduces your BI cost significantly while allowing your power users access, understand and act on data in intuitive manner. Qlik feature to combine Oracle and non-Oracle data sources empowers users with seamless environment. Suneratech’s Qlik’s expert’s understanding of both Oracle and Qlik touchpoints helps to create scalable, robust and seamless BI tool for complete enterprise. With accelerated report generation organization’s ability to accelerate decision improves based on 99% evidence of readily available Business Intelligence.

Qlik Managed Services

Our experts understand Qlik’s finest nuances and provide organizations with hosting, administration and application support. We ensure that Qlik is available, efficient and well-utilized. Further, we also monitor connected tools, applications and data sources. With Suneratech, you can focus on running an agile business while we manage your BI setup.

Qlik Managed Services
One Global Dashboard for Enterprises

One Global Dashboard for Enterprises (OGDEN)

Qlik is designed to simplify decision making, not complicate it. The plethora of reports currently generated by Oracle, Discoverer and Qlik can sometimes be confusing. Our OGDEN dashboards unifies the reports into a single dashboard for the senior leadership and allows them to make educated, rapid decisions.

Our Qlik Expertise

  • Qlik Sense

    Give your business users the tools they need to make informed decisions. With the right implementation, your users will love Qlik and will make it a part of their daily processes.

  • QlikView

    Guide your team in making the right decisions. Customize BI apps to suit your team’s requirements and govern their decision making processes. Our business process experts get a thorough understanding of the use cases and tailor the perfect BI app for your team.