More Robust Applications and Less Time Managing and Maintaining Applications with Oracle Cloud Integration

Key Technologies: Oracle Integration Cloud Services

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About Armarius

Armarius, is the leader in helping companies secure, manage and integrate data — developing and supporting software applications that are both effective, and simple for companies to use. Their products and services help companies with data loss protection that captures, records, and analyzes every action being performed by users.​

The Challenges

Armarius is a traditional Independent Software Vendor (ISV). They develop and sell software to keep companies secure from malicious threats. Amarius is looking to launch a Software as-a-Service (SaaS) model which would automate and drive revenue to their applications. The challenge for Armarius is making the move and choosing the right people for the job.

The Solution

Suneratech stepped in to consult and guide Armarius with using the process. Suneratech introduced the Armarius team to Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC), as the solution to optimize their applications.

The Result

  • Applications are now more robust, especially with analytics capabilities.
  • Armarius spends less time on managing and maintaining the applications which inherently reduces costs.


  • “With Suneratech’s help, we are able to see that being on Oracle Cloud inherently reduces the total cost of owning software.”


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