Suneratech is now AWS Advanced Consulting Partner


Sep 20

Suneratech is now AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Suneratech, a digital transformation enabler and pioneering provider of Complete Cloud, ERP, SAP, Data & Analytics, has recently announced their Strategic Advanced Consulting Partnership with AWS, enabling them to access numerous benefits as part of the high-quality partner.

This partnership makes customers leverage the complete stack of AWS capabilities to build and deploy powerful new business applications that accelerate digital transformation, lower cloud costs, and de-risk public cloud migration to AWS.

Suneratech being a pioneer in providing enterprises with the products, solutions, and innovative platform to transform digitally, enabling them to identify, de-risk, and prioritize workloads, accelerating the migration of the workloads with the right approach and unique Zero Cost Cloud Migration Program.

With customers’ increasing need to de-risk and have precision visibility when migrating workloads to AWS, meeting customers’ evolving business needs, Suneratech strived to enhance the AWS expertise and services portfolio to support the customers migrate their workload to the AWS Cloud.

Suneratech chose to build innovative platforms and provided AWS Cloud Services to meet ever-evolving customer requirements. This relationship with AWS and the SaaS platform availability gives customers the AI-powered roadmap for optimizing digital transformation and cloud enablement, along with proper visibility throughout the digital transformation journey.

With this Advanced Consulting Partnership, Suneratech would expand its capabilities with AWS and solve even more challenges, develop innovative solutions & services, provide high-value, cost-effective modernization strategies that meet the client’s needs and develop the tools and resources to reach customers respond quickly to customer issues.

Suneratech will soon mark its footprint in AWS Marketplace to enable the customer to achieve the digital goals and achieve a digital transformational journey.

About Sunera Technologies Inc.

Suneratech is at the frontline of Digital Transformation and enables innovation powered by Complete Cloud. Its avidity for innovation positioned Suneratech as the most valued Cloud partner. We reinforce businesses accelerate agility and scalability with reimagined workflows and constant growth. Its successful customer-centric initiatives around Cloud Transformation, Digital Transformation and Innovation, Data monetization, Digital Assurance, Enterprise and App Modernization positioned it as a preferred IT partner for 300 global companies over the last 15 years. Headquartered in the US, Suneratech is in India and Canada.

Suneratech, a native Cloud company, gained extensive experience serving some of the world’s largest businesses and developed a Three Switch Framework to guide companies in their quest for market domination. The framework breaks down the journey from using digital technologies to building their business into three parts: IT Automation, Cloud Migration, and Digital Innovation.