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Suneratech’s portfolio of products and platforms are some of the most sought after software for IT automation and digitalization. As a Suneratech partner, you can provide compelling solutions that will help your clients make that quantum leap.

Partner Programs

  • Referral

    Build relationships with an easy-sell platform.
    This program is designed for independent consultants and ISVs who connect customers looking for automation solutions with us. Referral partners can jumpstart a relationship with a new customer with an easy win by providing instant value through the Suneratech suite of products and platforms.

    Program Benefits

    • 10% referral bonus on initial contract value.
    • Effort stops at qualifying the lead. No sales effort required.

  • Reseller

    Strengthen credibility with customers through a unique offering.
    The Reseller Program is for partners who are more actively involved in the sales process than the Referral Partners. Typically, Reseller Partners have an established relationship with the customer and are looking to fortify it by offering the RingMaster platform as a solution to their need.

    Program Benefits

    • 25% discount on licensing and support fee for the first year.
    • Product and Sales Training.
    • Support with a dedicated Partner Manager.
    • Ability to use RingMaster on their website and collateral.

  • Value Added Partners

    Increase your bottom-line by increasing the efficiency of your delivery team.
    The VAP Program is ideally suited for partners engaged in one-off projects and are looking to bring efficiency into the delivery of projects such as implementation, upgrade or development.

    Program Benefits

    • Reduce your delivery efforts to half and save big on project costs.
    • Offer lower pricing and convert more customers.
    • Up to 35% discount on platform license and support fee for the first year.
    • Product Training and Support through a dedicated Partner Manager.
    • Eligible for Best Practices Provider badge.

  • Managed Services Partners

    Exceed your SLA and lock-in customers forever.
    If you are a Managed Services Provider with long-term application or infrastructure support contracts, this program would perfectly fit with your engagement model. RingMaster helps you tangibly differentiate yourself from your competitors and to drive value continuously through your contract period. Further, if you do not currently offer some of the services enabled by RingMaster, you could quickly add them to your portfolio without a heavy investment in resources.

    Program Benefits

    • Build a brand as an innovative service provider.
    • Increase customer stickiness.
    • Clear differentiation from competitors.
    • Significant improvement in service delivery.
    • Additional revenue streams for new managed service offerings.
    • Up to 35% discount on platform license and support fee.
    • Product Training and Support.
    • Best Practices Training.
    • Marketing and Sales Support.
    • 30-day free onboarding.

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