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The pioneer in digitalization

O ver the years, Suneratech has been synonymous with technology-driven transformation of enterprises. The company has repeatedly created disruptive opportunities and impacted both the topline and the bottomline of these businesses through enablement, empowerment and transformation. By continuously investing in innovation and thought leadership, Suneratech has also distinguished itself from its peers in both vision and execution.

Suneratech has provided a spectrum of enterprise solutions to more than 100 plus clients globally. These solutions include time-tested technologies such as Middleware and Testing as well as cutting-edge technologies such as Mobile, Cloud, Data and Analytics.

With the experience of serving some of the world’s largest businesses, Suneratech has developed its Three Switch framework to guide companies in their quest for market domination. The framework breaks down the journey from using digital technologies to building the business around them into 3 parts:

  • 1 Automation
  • 2 Internal Digitalization (Supply Chain and Channel Management)
  • 3 External Digitalization (Customer Engagement)

This framework has helped Suneratech’s customers to push forward and to take giant leaps in their business.

A key differentiator of Suneratech’s engagements has been its approach to deliver high impact solutions while utilizing optimal resources. This has been achieved primarily by building proprietary platforms that automate a majority of the people-intensive tasks at an IT organization.

Suneratech’s solutions dramatically reduce the need for resources while increasing the agility of the customer’s business to respond to market dynamics. On the other hand, platforms such as eSeal and Meltag give enterprises the thrust they need to compete with the next generation of companies.

Headquartered in San Jose, Suneratech employs over 800 technology experts spread across the world, particularly in the United States, Australia, India and Europe. As a platinum Oracle partner, Suneratech holds immense knowledge in ERP systems that it leverages to serve its ambitious customers.

Platforms Driving IT Predictability, Productivity, Innovation

SuneraTech provides technology services that transform data into sight for clients wishing to address their most complex business challenges.