Getting to the Next Normal – Confronting COVID-19 together!

Over the past few months, the COVID-19 storm has emerged as a significant and global challenge disrupting the world. We are providing business leaders with resources to help reset their organizations and communities during these uncertain times.

Employee safety and well-being are paramount

At Sunera, we consider employees’ health and well-being a top priority while extending our seamless support to clients globally. To minimize the COVID-19 impact and avoid the spread, we are proactive and take necessary measures on travel restrictions, cancellation of events and large internal meetings, and utilizing the right technologies to embrace the remote working culture, streamline processes, and create safe and undisrupted working environments amidst this pandemic.

We have established an exclusive COVID-19 Task Force that has brought in various initiatives to ensure the safety of employees and their loved ones while enabling business continuity.

Sunera does not let the pandemic whittle away at the workforce

As a Digital Innovation enabler, we continuously support leading organizations with mission-critical technologies and keeping them open for business opportunities. We deployed innovative platforms, cloud-enabled infrastructure, and robust security practices, which position us well to deal with this unprecedented situation. Our clients have trusted us to manage their technology and streamlining business operations, and we will continue doing the same to keep earning their trust even at these challenging times.

Sunera does not let the pandemic whittle away at the workforce

Leveraging technology & setting the business priorities that prowess to help combat COVID-19

Over the years, our research and innovation expertise are the key strengths, allowing Sunera to deliver disruptive solutions and technology across domains. We are leveraging the infrastructure to run multiple threads during this pandemic, looking for opportunities to support high-priority needs.

Considering employees’ healthcare and vaccine research as the foremost priority, we represent some of the ways to harness our expertise to fight the virus. Our initiatives include the COVID-19 patient tracker, collaborating with pharma and medical institutions, exploring ideas, and seeking help from people and hospitals for affordable and effective ventilators and medical kits.

Suneratech’s special team of volunteers engages and empowers the associates to spread awareness of the COVID-19 storm. Educating and helping employees with a series of Webinars related to COVID-19, dedicated Helpdesk, Wellness Programs that keep mental health at pace during this pandemic.

Some of the actions:

  • Supporting employees to work remotely.
  • Asking employees worldwide to avoid traveling internationally for business purposes.
  • Offering ample sick leaves for those who contract the virus.
  • Providing the medical insurance that applies for employees who got affected due to COVID-19.
  • Working closely with doctors to help employees seek virtual support whenever needed.
  • Joining the drive to expedite the COVID-19 vaccination based upon the availability.

Live & breathe the Sunera’s Team Spirit – A message from our CEO.

❝The COVID-19 pandemic situation has worsened, and at every step, the risks and challenges are emerging. We want to thank all the employees for supporting uncertainties and getting our company to cope with this situation.

“We would like to recognize the commitment and dedication of our employees, which are critical to maintaining business continuity. Also, request everyone to stay focused, make positive contributions, and live our purpose to avoid spreading the Coronavirus.

As Business continuity is key, we request teams to be prepared, have effective communication, and seek the help of HR, Finance, Facilities, who are proactively supporting all the COVID-19 impacted colleagues in addition to their day-job. Also, be supportive to other Sunerians and communities around you to the extent you can.

I am proud and inspired by how Sunera has risen to this challenge with compliance, resilience, and courage. Thank you for your enormous contributions. Let us work together to keep it make this one of our finest hours. Stay Home and Stay Safe!❞

Ravi Reddy


Our Business Continuity Plan

A strong collaboration is a need within the organization as well as with clients to keep business operations and deliveries going at this time of the pandemic. As we are informed of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) developments, the safety of our associates and clients’ is our utmost priority. Hence, we have derived a Business Continuity Plan (BCP), which manifests our preparedness against the global outbreak.

Our robust BCP focuses on every critical aspect that ensures robust Business Resiliency

Objectives of our BCP:

  • Associates being able to carry out work from home/remote across locations by connecting remotely to client VPNs through the internet by using company-provided laptops
  • Functional internet connectivity, voice clarity, broadband bandwidth at employee location
  • IT team should be able to resolve the IT tickets as, and when raised by associates

The phases involved in our Business Resiliency :

  • Pre-test planning meeting
  • Pilot plan and condition test
  • Resolve challenges faced
  • Implementation of BCP

Assistance to associates :

  • Measures to establish an effective Information Security 
  • Various aspects of risk and mitigation 
  • Defined message delivery channels 
  • Communication directory 
COVID -19: Business Continuity Plan

SuneraTech – Business Continuity Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Suneratech is ready with a Business Continuity plan to ensure that there is no disruption of services provided to all the customers.

Following actions are in place: –

Work from Home – We implemented remote work access for our workforce post mock drill since 19th March, to continue our services during the global crisis. Also, we have considered most metrics and checklist from our employees to make sure the deliveries are NOT impacted during this situation.

Communication & Tools – We have installed all the necessary software and tools for our employees to continue business deliveries without any impact.

  • Microsoft Teams – Teams has been installed and will be an effective medium that is being used for all internal and external communications
  • Skype – As an alternative, we also have Skype configured on laptops to avoid the communication issues if any
  • Zoom – For business video calls or meetings, we are geared up with Zoom meeting tool which will be shared or setup on-call basis
  • Zopier – We have configured VoIP phone routing to the individuals to have a hassle-free direct communication in CRITICAL situations

Helpdesk – We have created delivery DL to support during this time and which will be notified to all the stakeholders (Core Development Team, Delivery Owner, and Account Owners). On Priority, we will make sure to see none of the deliveries are impacted

  • Employee implications:
    1. Employee absence in the workplace
    2. Only virtual meetings
  • Social implications:
    1. Lockdown: We have a travel ban internally (both domestic and international) until the scenario gets stable
As we are well prepared with our existing BC plan, we are not anticipating any challenges that affect our deliveries in the long term

  • IT Support – We have a 24/7 IT support desk that monitors and on standby in case of any infrastructure support for both our employees and our customers. Our team is ready to jump in and support as required to see a seamless delivery from us
  • Communication & Tools – We have installed all the necessary software and tools for our employees to continue business deliveries without any impact.
Yes, we do have team of Crisis Management team headed by Mr. Anil Thalakera, COO of Sunera Technologies. This team includes the Key people from Delivery, IT Support, Infrastructure, HR, and Support Functions.  A daily standup meeting for 30 mins scheduled to discuss and ensure our preparedness during the Covid-19 outbreak. 
Yes, with a focus on preparedness and swift action, we have a plan in place to minimize the spread of a pandemic and reduce the business as well as the human impact. We designed a remote-friendly work environment to ensure uninterrupted business continuity concerning the evolving needs

  • Keeping in place the workflow monitoring mechanism to enable productivity during work from home option
  • Highly effective remote 24/7 IT help desk operations set up to facilitate the needs of the associates
  • Use of Microsoft Teams, Zoom, VOIP, ZOIPER and VPN as a mode of internal and external communication tools
  • Platform IT cloud managed services will be up and running 24/7 even if operated remotely for customers
  • Business Resumption Team and Emergency Response Team are continuously monitoring the situation both from associates and client perspective
  • Remote access solutions are in place to our teams working from home with access to data, applications, and systems
  • Emergency procedures are outlined to recover equipment, emergency contact information for associates’ Virtual private network (VPN) technology to ensure our associates are using a secure, encrypted connection at home to access client and corporate data/information
  • Reduce downtimes with proactive business continuity backup solutions
We don’t foresee any service disruption to our clients by enacting travel controls and remote work policies since the entire team is based out of offshore (Hyderabad), and travels are not planned for anyone during this time. In the view of a possible but assumed outbreak of COVID – 19. As a precautionary measure, we implemented the Work From Home/ Remote Work Acess post pilot BCP test since 19th March 2020, which brings both for the safety of employees and business continuity. 
Yes. While we have regular COVID-19 updates on our website, we also take care of any additional support that any of our customers’ need. We have a BC checklist to assess your readiness and support that helps you in this scenario.