BOSS Magazine features Suneratech’s Center for Digital Acceleration (CDA) in its May ’22 edition


May 20

BOSS Magazine features Suneratech’s Center for Digital Acceleration (CDA) in its May ’22 edition

Digital platforms are recasting the relationships between customers, workers, and employers. As digital technology permeates almost everything we do, the need for new strategies and practices becomes quintessential to stay competitive in this digital business world. As a result, digital transformation has taken a significant leap in the recent years at both, the organizational as well as industry level.

Suneratech started the Digital Acceleration and Assurance Platform (DAAP) to leverage its expertise in digital technology and help its customers in the digital transformation. The DAAP combines Suneratech’s technical expertise in creating the Center for Digital Acceleration (CDA) that has helped 100+ global customers in their digital transformation journey to achieve their digital goals. Suneratech’s CDA helps customers become more sustainable and profitable across engineering and operations, and maximize asset, production, and supply chain performance.

CDA has a unique model to accelerate digital technology, where Suneratech’s expertise co-invest, co-innovate, and deliver outcome-based solutions. CDA leads the digital transformation, enhancing engineering, operations, and performance to maximize business value and deliver optimized results. CDA partners with customers to deliver real-world value through accelerated digital transformation.

Successful digital transformation requires not only the right set of tools but also the right expertise and guidance to drive the process for best results. CDA works with our global customers’ teams on technology and business model innovation. It harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning forecasting tools. Moreover, it offers significant advantages, such as improved organizational resilience, performance, effectiveness, and efficiency.

CDA discovers, ideates, and pilots digital business transformation capabilities. It helps our clients achieve operational and commercial excellence by combining business consulting with emerging technology expertise.

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