Mendota Pet Automates eCommerce Order to Invoice Process with Oracle Cloud

Key Technologies: Oracle Database Cloud Service, Oracle Integration Cloud Service

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About Mendota Pet

Mendota Pet a leading manufacturing company produces high quality, “made in the USA” gear, health and skincare products widely used for pets, based out of St. Paul, Minnesota. Mendota Pet’s Skincare (DERMagic),a skincare line offers all-natural skin care formulas, while using only the finest organic ingredients. The products are best used for instant relief of itching and redness, promote rapid healing and regrowth of lost hair or fur and restore good skin condition.

The Challenges

Mendota Pet Products had been processing their online orders manually through Shopify webstore and uses NetSuite for eCommerce invoice processing. As a result, their focus has been more on bookkeeping — synchronizing data manually and dealing with inaccurate orders instead of working efficiently to meet customer’s needs. Mendota Pet was losing time and money.

The Solution

Suneratech integrated Mendota Pet’s Shopify eCommerce Ordering system with NetSuite invoicing. This automated the end-to-end “Order to Invoice” business process using Oracle Integration Cloud Services and Oracle Database Cloud Services.

The integration resulted in a fully scalable eCommerce platform to support business growth with following Oracle Cloud components and Suneratech’s Cloud Managed Services:

  • Oracle Database Cloud Service.
  • Oracle Integration Cloud Service.
  • Suneratech Cloud Managed Service.

Suneratech’s enterprise class Cloud Manage Services ensured suitable support to run and manage Mendota Pet’s Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and Database Cloud services in Oracle Cloud, effectively and efficiently.

The Result

  • Fully automated Order to Invoice in a hybrid cloud environment.
  • De-Risk inaccuracies arising out of manual processing, and faster time to invoice.​
  • Increased productivity and quality.
  • Reduced overall manual effort by 50% through automation of order to invoicing process. This resulted in freeing up critical resources to focus on their core business aspects.
  • Proactive monitoring and management of business critical “order to invoicing” integration and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


  • “We are able to invoice our ecommerce orders automatically in NetSuite. We would not be able to get the Oracle Cloud setup and working properly without Suneratech’s installation. The install work and value are outstanding.”

    Mendota Pet

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