Leadership Team

Rajesh Vaithalingam - SVP and Head of TMC

Rajesh Vaithalingam

SVP and Head of TMC

Rajesh is an IT industry veteran having 20+ years of experience. He started his journey with Tata Telecom working on the core Network Deployments in the Asia-Pac region. He then moved into software services with Infosys and was instrumental in setting up their operations in China.

He led the service portfolio of CME Business Unit in Wireless, Cable & Media in North America, in strategic areas, including Product Engineering, Digital Transformation, and M&A for Infosys, being the client partner. He contributed his services in various roles like CTO, MSO Head, and led the launch of AI/ML and Cybersecurity practice unit in the North American region.

Rajesh is based in New Jersey and loves traveling. He has lived and worked in several countries, including China, Japan, the Caribbean, and Europe. He used to spend his spare time reading, listening to music, working on his geek projects, and hiking.