Leadership Team


Phani Veeranki

Vice President, Chief Cloud Architect(AWS)

Phani Kumar Veeranki comes from the Cloud background with 20+ years of experience in various Cloud technologies spanning across Pre-Sales, implementations of security enhancements, Data Loss Prevention Cryptographic Keys, Web Security Scanner. He served with many cloud offerings with expanding responsibilities during his experience, where he oversaw expansion into emerging markets.

He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from IIT – Bombay, and PGDB from IIM – Indore. He is stronger in Digital Transformation Cloud Adoption & Migration, and Hybrid Clouds. He is a certified expert in AWS Data Migrations and Data Lake Implementations. His more significant experience in various projects has led him to deliver the highest customer satisfaction.

He is driving as a Chief Cloud Advisor for AWS/GCP in Suneratech with his innovative ideas. He spearheaded many corporate organizations campaigns and implemented various strategies that effectively increased their performance and revenue and decreased their costs and investments.