K12 Connects Applications to Offer Career Technology Education Courses and Grow Business

Key Technologies: Oracle EBS, OBIEE, Mule ESB

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About K12

K12 is an education company that provides individually tailored, one-to-one learning solutions to students from kindergarten through high school across the country. With a vision to become the trusted leader in education innovation, K12 uses digital technology to develop and provide on-line educational products delivered digitally to public schools, private schools and virtual charter schools, as well as hybrid schools.

This digital-first approach to education has enabled K12 to change the lives and open up possibilities for many students to tap into their unique potential when given the opportunity to work at the right pace and with the tools, approaches, and content that make learning come alive.

The Challenge

Due to the competitive nature of education models, and increased interest among students for flexible and innovative curriculums, K12 had to rethink their offerings to grow the business.

K12’s institutional line of business, Fuel Education (FuelEd), began to offer Career Technology Education (CTE) courses to school districts through Cengage Learning, and saw an immediate interest from students in the solution. K12 needed an integration partner whose MuleSoft expertise will enable the company to access the applications of Cengage Learning in a process that will be seamless for its students.

The Solution

SuneraWhiteSky leveraged the power of Mule ESB to enable integration across a multitude of technologies, which allowed the developers to connect several enterprise applications together quickly and easily.

First, SuneraWhiteSky developed a Mule integration between their Student Account Management System (SAMS) to provision students access to courses on the Cengage Learning Management System (LMS). This facilitated the delivery of Career Technology Education courses from the outset.

SuneraWhiteSky also developed Mule integration between Student Account Management System (SAMS) and Agora’s gateway, which enables provisioning and consumption of courses and e-classrooms for students signing up in their respective schools.

Lastly, SuneraWhiteSky integrated Salesforce.com and Oracle EBS ERP to assist K12 in syncing new schools as they are on-boarded as customers in the system, provisioning course licenses and tracking actual consumption to initiate invoices and payments.

The Result

With this project, K12 has seized the opportunity to position itself as a strong leader in education innovation by streamlining the digital experience of its students enrolled in its Career Technology Education courses. By focusing on integrating systems essentials for meeting student enlistment requirements and invoice operations of schools, K12 saw significant increase in its bottomline, citing a revenue increase of $20.5 M or 23.3% in its Agora Cyber Charter Virtual School system in Pennsylvania state.

The Mule integration project was completed in XXX weeks, which enabled K12 to rapidly accelerate their time to value and reap the benefits of its MuleSoft investment. Over the next years, K12 will continue to integrate systems necessary to provide innovative products and services to the academic community and by doing so, opening up unique opportunities to students.

“SuneraWhiteSky’s rigorous Mule integration delivery methodology, IP portfolio and expertise in enterprise applications gave us confidence to achieve high ROI with our Mulesoft investment while reducing costs and risks.

The team created integrations that not only allowed students to experience compelling and seamless learning experiences, but ultimately strengthen our claim to become an innovator in the education space,”

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