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Suneratech’s Cloud and Application services are all built on automated platforms which are powered by RingMaster. The platforms bring efficiency and our support teams, who are very familiar with these platforms, deliver support with speed and precision.

Managed Services

Suneratech’s management services are brought to you using automation platforms such as Cloq (for cloud applications), RingMaster APM (for patch management) and AutoMas (for Oracle EBS). These platforms reduce the need for human intervention dramatically and reduce your cost of application management operations with immediate effect.

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DevOps Services

Deliver your applications at the pace of digital with Suneratech’s DevOps services presented by DoX. Development and delivery are integral process of a business, require a continuous delivery and independent services. We understand enterprises’ needs and project unmatchable continuous integration and continuous deployment strategy. Our strategies and methodologies bring businesses’ development and operation process together, foster an automated and streamline processes.

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We understand your product inside and out, suggest you the strongest solution that’s aligned firmly with your company’s core competency. Suneratech offers personalized, seamless and start-to-finish business solution and end-to-end application consulting services such as planning, implementation, upgrades, application management and more to meet all your business needs.

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In today’s high-stakes and emerging technology world, businesses must ensure their applications are cognitive-first. They should shift their mainstream application development and maintenance focus from conventional time-to-market approach to increase value and reduce operational costs. Suneratech’s application advisory services provide applications roadmap combined with a sound strategy and an actionable plan for alternate implementation – helping in reinventing your business model, application technology and ultimately to keep pace with evolving trends. We assist clients in assessing IT best practices and develop a personalized plan to match their organization needs. With our extensive experience in serving large application projects, we help you achieve greater value from your applications investment.

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  • With APM, we have reduced the time we spend identifying what is changing by over 80%. We leverage APM to help us focus on high value add activities like targeted regression tests and documenting the patch process. Our users have noticed the increase in quality and reduction in planned downtime. Best of all, we are no longer asking the business to test everything, we can give them guidance on what areas to validate, and as a result, reduced the time the business needs to test by over 90% for some patches. Thanks APM.
    Doug Hahn
    Enterprise Technology Officer, Invesco
  • “We are impressed with the features and benefits delivered by Cloudtestr and CLOQ. Working with Suneratech is a true delight and their platforms are by far the best solutions for those who’d like to automate, streamline and grow their business.”
    Oracle Cloud
    Paul Williams
    Director, Oracle Cloud Alliance & Channels


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