Goodbye Outsourcing. Hello Automation.

The first step towards digitalization is automation. While outsourcing might be a low-cost alternative, it does not offer the agility or the robustness required to survive in today’s unforgiving times. Suneratech’s portfolio of IT automation solutions provided end-to-end automation of your IT operations at a fractional cost and at ridiculously high speed.

Automated Testing

Balance speed with risk mitigation by automating your testing. Suneratech’s test automation solution is powered by Cloudtestr – a platform that works with SaaS and Enterprise applications. While the testing library is pre-populated with a wide coverage of test cases, you can also build custom test cases that fit your systems. Increase your agility today with Suneratech’s testing automation solution.

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Automated Maintenance & Support

Is Oracle EBS maintenance sucking up your IT budget? Reduce your application management overhead by automating repetitive tasks that abound in most parts of your maintenance cycle and free up resources to invest in more forward-looking initiatives. Suneratech’s ERP automation solutions can manage your patches and enhancements at a fraction of your current cost.

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Automated Infra Management

Moved your infrastructure to the cloud? Suneratech’s Automated Infra Management through ClouDesk solution, provides a one-stop cloud management platform that addresses incidents via an automated intelligent ticket routing. This solution not only provides rapid issue resolution, but also reduces your infrastructure management overhead by automating the entire ITSM process.

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Automated Patch Management

Do you want to protect your IT infrastructure and clients’ data from vulnerable security threats, while installing software patches, bug fixes and feature enhancements with the pace of vendor-driven changes? Suneratech’s Automated Patch Management offered through APM, powered by RingMaster minimizes business disruption, automates repetitive tasks in the patching cycle and fosters faster change management.

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  • With APM, we have reduced the time we spend identifying what is changing by over 80%. We leverage APM to help us focus on high value add activities like targeted regression tests and documenting the patch process. Our users have noticed the increase in quality and reduction in planned downtime. Best of all, we are no longer asking the business to test everything, we can give them guidance on what areas to validate, and as a result, reduced the time the business needs to test by over 90% for some patches. Thanks APM.
    Doug Hahn
    Enterprise Technology Officer, Invesco
  • “We are impressed with the features and benefits delivered by Cloudtestr and CLOQ. Working with Suneratech is a true delight and their platforms are by far the best solutions for those who’d like to automate, streamline and grow their business.”
    Oracle Cloud
    Paul Williams
    Director, Oracle Cloud Alliance & Channels


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ActiVision increases testing ROI by 50% with Cloudtestr.

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Aleris increases agility of its supply chain with DOX.

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