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    eSeal® – Digital Supply
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    Transforms supply chain to Digital Supply Network.

With eSeal®, transform your supply chain from linear to a virtual-and-dynamic connected-world known as Digital Supply Network (DSN).

Why eSeal®?

  • Digital Supply Network

    If the Industry 4.0 is to be accomplished, the series of building blocks in the Supply Chain such as manufacturing, production, distribution, customer relationships and the entire ecosystem itself must embrace a Digital Revolution. We help organizations transform their supply chains to Digital Supply Networks (DSN) with our unique offerings, helping senior executives and supply chain leaders explore untapped business value and competitive advantage.

  • Why Digital Transformation?

    The digitalization of everything to be integrated into the ecosystem facilitating a complete transparency to all the players involved in supply chain, right from suppliers of raw materials, components, semi-finished goods, to production facility, distributors, retailers and ultimately to the consumers. This digitalization enables organizations to transform their supply chain to Digital Network, automating their business processes, increasing flexibility and managing corporate assets digitally.

  • eSeal®
    DSN Enabler

    eSeal® is a cutting-edge technology platform that helps you reap the complete benefits of DSN through its distinct solutions applied across the length of supply chain. eSeal® uses IoT, Mobility, Cloud and Data Analytics technologies to digitalize your supply chain and give you unprecedented control.

Supplier Inventory Control

Digitalize your supplier-managed inventory and be on top of stock levels and dispatches. Track inventory status and dispatches in real-time. With eSeal’s unprecedented visibility of supplier activity you will never miss sales or production plan due to supplier’s incompetence.

Production Quality Control

Build the product genealogy using eSeal® IoTs to establish ultimate traceability of material, machine and men. Get a real-time view of work-in-progress activity and digitalize quality control. With eSeal® it is extremely easy to recall faulty products or conduct root cause analysis.

Warehouse Operations Control

Automate your GRN, put-away, pick-up and dispatch functions using eSeal® digitalization and improve warehouse efficiency complying with FIFO/LIFO process. With eSeal®, you are always in the know of accurate value of stock across all your warehouses.

Channels Sales Control

With eSeal® you do not worry about the visibility of secondary sales or product placement in the market. You can extend your control of stock levels and sales of your primary channel using eSeal digitalization technology. Auto-replenishment and liquidation has never been easier.

Field Sales Control

eSeal® empowers your field sales teams to control supply chain leakages, counterfeiting activity and regulate cross-border sales. With eSeal® field force mobile app, your sales teams will have a complete control of your market activity like never before.

Customer Information Control

It’s time your customers can digitally fetch helpful information from your product labels, be it the user manuals, label information or simply your promotion material. With eSeal’s customer mobile app, your customers are just a click away to connect with you.

Service and Repair Control

Bring your Service Partner activity into your control using eSeal® digitalization of warranty and service tasks. Validation of warranty claims or tracking of spare parts inventory has never been easier. In addition, imposing warranty claims on suppliers is automated.


  • With APM, we have reduced the time we spend identifying what is changing by over 80%. We leverage APM to help us focus on high value add activities like targeted regression tests and documenting the patch process. Our users have noticed the increase in quality and reduction in planned downtime. Best of all, we are no longer asking the business to test everything, we can give them guidance on what areas to validate, and as a result, reduced the time the business needs to test by over 90% for some patches. Thanks APM.
    Doug Hahn
    Enterprise Technology Officer, Invesco
  • “We are impressed with the features and benefits delivered by Cloudtestr and CLOQ. Working with Suneratech is a true delight and their platforms are by far the best solutions for those who’d like to automate, streamline and grow their business.”
    Oracle Cloud
    Paul Williams
    Director, Oracle Cloud Alliance & Channels

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