SuneraTech’s mission is to enable businesses innovate, automate and transform in the Digital business world. We’re building an extraordinary company with a team of smart and passionate people who want to make a big impact.

Digital technologies could add $1.36 trillion to total global economic output by 2020. It’s a substantial contribution to growth. Digital for a business can mean verity of things including volume of transactions conducted online, the use of cloud or other technologies to streamline processes or embracing new digitally driven business model. Going digital means organizations place digital at the heart of their strategy and enterprise to transform every part of their operations, including R&D, supply chains, and the use of cloud, analytics and CRM technologies.


SuneraTech was founded on the idea that future of IT services will be driven by IT automation and business digitalization platforms, and rapidly businesses will demand platforms v/s people. To pursue this massive opportunity we have been investing in automation platforms and innovative digital business solutions for over last decade.

We’ve been productizing innovation – making it as easy to automate IT and digitalize business. Some of the innovations like Cloudtestr, DevOpxXpress (DOX), Automated AMS, eSeal, APM have been transformational. Our growth continues to accelerate as companies move to embrace IT Automation Platforms versus people and business demanding digital innovation solution versus software as a application.