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    Digital media for all
    Digital disruption has forced media companies to adapt to new
    ways of producing content and of enabling its consumption.

Media & Entertainment Overview

Digital channels have a space for every voice and every story. Unlike previously, it is not just a few heavily invested media outlets that control the attention of the audience. Served with an ultimatum, the media industry needs to acknowledge the new breed of competition, question its revenue model and adapt.

The challenges faced by the media and entertainment industry are:

  • 1
    Consumers need more engagement, so media companies need to build sustainable relationships with them. Content needs to be interactive, customized to a variety of formats and personalized.
  • 2
    Content creation costs cannot go up while revenue is eaten up by new competitors. Media companies need to find innovative ways of creating and managing content.
  • 3
    Advertisers are shifting rapidly towards digital media as their preferred platform which requires media companies to be a digital company down to its core.

SuneraTech understands the transformation in the media industry from an incumbent’s point of view and provides companies with solutions to increase audience engagement and to adapt to changing demands of advertisers and consumers.