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    Smart governance for
    a smart world
    Governments are trying to do more with less. They need to find
    a way to increase living standards with fewer resources.

Government Overview

A government’s priority is its people – in making their lives secure, healthy and enjoyable. In this sense governmental priorities are distinct from the private sector. They implement technology to make lives of citizens easier while facilitating access to various governmental programs.

The challenges that governments face today are:

  • 1
    An urgent need for smarter cities due to an explosion in urban migration. Resources need to be optimized for an increased number of users – this means everything from better monitoring pollution, garbage collection, road conditions and traffic to more efficient surveillance, healthcare and education programs.
  • 2
    More engagement from citizens. Governments cannot manage everything due to the sheer volume of administrative tasks that need to be accomplished with lower budgets. Transparent portals for citizens to engage with the governments and take on more responsibility enable citizen governance.
  • 3
    Real-time access to problems and immediate dispensing of solutions is more important than ever. Technology reduces the time that governments otherwise took to understand and address the problems of citizens.
  • 4
    Digitalization of data. Governments need to maintain electronic IDs and keep records of all citizens. This can be used to refer to any information about the person of interest while ensuring privacy of the citizen.

SuneraTech can ease the challenges faced by governments with robust digital transformation platforms for interaction with citizens and for storing and analyzing data. We know governments want to serve better and we make it happen.