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    The Energy Trilemma
    The democratization of energy has thrown up several challenges,
    many of which can be solved with technology.

Energy & Utilities Overview

The energy sector is undergoing tectonic changes with managing rising costs, maintaining secure supply of energy and tracking its environmental impact. Traditional energy channels have been disrupted by cleaner, newer ones that customers can access and provide for themselves. With an interactive customer base coupled with the management of infrastructure and power generation, IT plays a critical role in helping the energy industry transition into not only managing the business but also in building relationships with customers.

Challenges facing the energy industry in this transition:

  • 1
    Integration of predictive analysis, cloud computing and other facets of IT with their existing operational technologies.
  • 2
    AMI integration - Advanced Meter Infrastructure is beyond just deploying a technology; it is a complex system which needs harmonious system integration and implementation.
  • 3
    Energy efficiency is hindered by poor data quality, narrow view of analytics and erratic data across processes.
  • 4
    Becoming energy efficient by converting consumers to “Virtual power plants” by managing demand-side (DSM) and direct response (DR).

SuneraTech understands the challenges faced by the energy sector. We implement solutions, integrate them with your infrastructure and train your personnel in the new system. We not only ensure better and faster processes, but also make the transformation into an energy efficient and customer-centric company smoother.